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Anyone who knows me knows that I have a not-so-secret love affair with the occasion that is the High Tea.  I can’t actually put my finger on what it is exactly that evokes this strong desire in me – maybe it’s the miniature delicacies mixed together with the welcoming aroma of a huge range of warm, scented teas.  Or possibly the fact that even the sugar comes cubed and appears so delicate that it requires miniature tongs in which to daintily place them into my awaiting peppermint pool of goodness.  It could be so many things really but what I do know with certainty is that I simply adore them.

It was therefore with much excitement that I learned that Passiontree Velvet were opening a new, high-tea dedicated patisserie café at Carindale, literally only five minutes drive from where I live, and it was with the spring of anticipation in my step that I went down this week to check it out.

What to expect from Passiontree Velvet in Carindale?


At first I nearly walked straight passed the café with it subtle and unassuming appearance.  Centred in the main walking area at one end of Westfield Carindale’s shopping centre the sprinkling of chairs and tables around the main café front at first give the impression of a simple coffee stop hidden within the surrounding ring of store fronts.  Rather quickly though your eyes are drawn to the irresistibly decadent display cabinet that stretches the full length of the counter and tantalises with its array of sweet goodness.  A whole top tier is dedicated to a colour spectrum of macaroon flavours which balance high above a second tier filled with a dizzying display of mouth-watering chocolates, cakes, scones and sweets.

I may forgive you for choosing an item from the cabinet and sitting down to a casual bite with a friend but you would really be missing the true experience that this patisserie has to offer.  Which is, of course, their High Tea.

What makes them different?


There are usually two types of places you can go to experience a high tea in Brisbane.  Either the dedicated high tea venues that focus on food and service quality but have a price tag to match or the ‘add-on’ service that some restaurants and cafes provide that whilst cheaper are often lacking in the quality elsewhere.

Unlike these options, Passiontree Velvet in Carindale is dedicated to supplying a quality High Tea product at an affordable price and sees itself as a blend between an Engligh tea house, a Parisian patisserie and a Belgian chocolatier. Behind their colourful counter lies their secret weapon – full-time French trained, internationally experienced Chocolatier, Jay Shin and his skills, once you start tasting, become immediately apparent.

What is on the menu at Passiontree Velvet?



More like what isn’t really?  Passiontree Velvet offers a carefully crafted menu that includes delicious breakfast items, sumptuous lunch-time savouries and delightful sweets of almost every kind.  You will want to try everything, and believe me I almost did, and I guarantee your tastebuds will love you for it.  There are fondues and waffles, sandwiches and brownies, delicate chocolates, colourful macaroons and sweet biscuits.  The list is endless.  I myself have a ridiculous sweet tooth and will usually focus my experience around the desert-tier of a High Tea but the English scones – oh my! – the rustic, sweet scones that are made at Passiontree Velvet in Carindale are an experience unto themselves and really must be tried to be believed.

There are four high tea options available that between them allow customers the opportunity to sample most of the menu.  These are the Devonshire Cream Tea ($15.90), Teddy Bears Picnic (Children) $9.95, Chocolatiers High Tea ($32.95) and The Full Duchess High Tea ($34.95).  All include your tea (which can be refilled with hot water as often as you like for free), are available as a double or single tier, are charged per person and have a very generous selection guaranteed to leave you deliciously full.


Of course there is also the full selection of Harney & Son’s teas to consider of which I can absolutely recommend the Paris.  As an added bonus any leftovers are packaged up and sent home with you to further enjoy later!

A high tea experience that the kids love too!


The one thing I really loved about this new store is their dedication to catering for the little ones in our lives.  So much so that they have a high tea that has been created specifically for kids and to date this has been their most popular group booking!  The Teddy Bears Picnic costs just $9.95 and includes a mini single tier that holds two triple layered ham sandwiches, two flavoured biscuits, a colourful macaroon and a choice of either juice or babychino.  For this reason kid’s parties have been a huge hit (my girls would LOVE this) and although only a new concept they are currently planning many new ideas and additions to this feature.

Just recently they have added a miniature chocolate truffle cake to their menu which can be purchased separately for the birthday boy or girl and will be perfect for a small slice of goodness for a party of 10.

What are you waiting for?

I would definitely recommend a trip to Passiontree Velvet for your next High Tea experience.  Do not be put off by its simple setting as the quality of the high tea is amazing and the opportunity to shop pre or post feed is not to be disregarded either.

Their goal was to bring a European quality patisserie to Brisbane with prices that allowed patrons to indulge more regularly than just once a year and I think they have definitely achieved that.  I know I plan to shout myself another treat there soon with my two girls and no-doubt my scone-loving husband will become a devoted fan quickly as well.

Passiontree Velvet is located in front of JB HiFi at Westfield Carindale. 

Passiontree Velvet joins our list of Brisbane High Tea locations that come highly recommended by our Brisbane Kids community. You might like to also check out our other Places we love to Eat.

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