Paper Heart Valentine Collages

heart activity for valentines day

Who would have thought you could make so many cute creatures out of heart shapes? 🙂  You could easily make these on a smaller scale and turn them into cards.



What you need:

  • Paper – the more colours the better!
  • Scissors and pencil (younger kids will need help cutting)
  • Craft glue and googly eyes (or you can just draw on little black hearts)
  • Glue stick or double sided tape.

What to do:

Cut out all the shapes you think you will need.  The beauty of working with hearts is if you want to make them smaller, you just fold them back in half and take a little more off the edge.   That way you always end up with perfectly symmetrical hearts.


The Caterpillar:

This is a nice simple one to start off with, as it uses all the same size hearts except the head.


The fish



The Owl

The owl is more complicated and requires a bit of mucking around to get the sizes right.  We used some double sided tape to give it a more 3D effect. But once you’ve mastered the owl, I am sure you can make anything!

By Jo Wells

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