Pallara District Park

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Open green spaces, a 10 metre high climbing tower, 190-metre bike circuit and covered picnic areas all make Pallara District Park a must do for Brisbane Kids of all ages.  

Pallara District Park Playground

The first play feature that will capture their attention at the Pallara playground is the 10m climbing tower on a raised platform that is visible before you even arrive at the park. The tower is accessible via a cargo net, mountaineering ropes and rock climbing pegs (or the stairs if you would prefer but they are not nearly as exciting as the other options!). Once the kids have made their way to the top of the tower via a multi-level climbing system, they can make their way down via a giant enclosed twisted slide.  Below the platform is a playland suitable for younger kids with motorbike rockers, a wide slide and two multi-person swings so no one has to wait their turn. 

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Mini road track

Another impressive feature of Pallara District Park is the mini road track complete with a one-stop ‘fix it’ shop with all the tools kids will need to fix their bike including a tyre pump.  Catering to a range of skill levels, the 190-metre bike circuit incorporates speed humps, street markings, intersections, a bridge and signage to help give kids knowledge of road rules and a safe place to learn to ride. The track is suitable for bikes and scooters and runs the entire perimetre of the playground.

On the other side of the bike track is a state of the art outdoor gym with multiple exercise stations and a mobile app that links to your phone or smartwatch. The fitness area is close enough to the playground that parents can workout while the kids play. Open green spaces surround the playground and lend themselves to a game of tiggy, soccer, football or to kite flying on a windy day. Behind the bridge is not one but two fenced off-leash dog areas; one with open spaces just for dogs, the other an obstacle course with tunnels and jumps.

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Imagination factor

Pallara Park will engage and challenge kids of all ages. Little kids can search for trolls and fairies under the bridge, while bigger kids can be on top of the world as they climb 10m up a castle, skyscraper, mountain or whatever their heart desires. On the bike track, Brisbane Kids can play police people directing the traffic and pull over speeding drivers. 


Pallara District Park is easily accessible, with flat paths leading from the road. A wheelchair-accessible toilet is on the ground level and ample shaded areas are available. Most areas of the park are accessible to a wheelchair and prams, in particular, the kids’ bike track, bridge and lower levels play activities. 

Why we love Pallara District Park

  • Lots of green open spaces
  • Great for kids learning to ride their bikes
  • Climbing tower for older kids
  • Exercise stations with mobile app workout so parents can work out while kids play

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Pallara District Park features 

  • Partially Fenced 
  • Rubber base
  • Shade sails
  • Enclosed slide
  • 190-metre learn-to-ride bicycle circuit complete with speed humps, street markings, intersections and signage.
  • Bridge
  • Bike stations with tyre pumps and tools for bike/scooter tune-ups
  • 10-metre high climbing tower
  •  2 large wide base swings suitable for multiple children at once
  • Motorbike rockers
  • Climbing opportunities- large tower, cargo net, mountaineering ropes and rock climbing pegs
  • Cognitive play experiences
  • Jumping/climbing mounds
  • Exercise stations with mobile app workouts
  • Toilets with baby change table
  • Undercover seats and tables surround the playground
  • Barbecue shelters and picnic areas with BBQ’s, tables and chairs
  • Open wide slide 
  • Two enclosed dog parks next to the park
  • Drinking fountains

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Other things to do near Pallara District Park

Located within an exciting new community in Brisbane’s south-western growth corridor, Pallara is 19 kilometres from Brisbane’s CBD. Pallara District Park is set back off the main road in the new Stockland Development which means that it is a lovely and quiet park to play in. The closest shops are around a 5 minute drive away, so we would recommend picking up a drive-through coffee on the way or bringing a picnic with you to make use of the undercover tables, chairs and BBQ’s. There is a drive-thru Zarraffa’s Coffee and brand new drive-thru Krispy Kreme store, both on Beaudesert Road in Acacia Ridge.  Stocklands intermittently host community events in and around the park for special occasions, so keep an eye on their website to see what is happening in Pallara.   

We hope you enjoyed this detailed review of another wonderful Brisbane playground! 

Pallara District Park is located on the corner of Gooderham Road and Brookbent Road in Pallara. 

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