Painting with Bubbles

Painting with bubbles

Bubbles are so magical, and when combined with paint and colour, what could be more fun?

You will Need:

  • Bubble Liquid
  • Food Dye – red, yellow and blue
  • 3 Plastic cups or containers
  • Straws
  • Paper

How to make Painted Bubble Artworks

Step 1:

Pour bubble liquid (approx. ¼ full) into three cup. Put a straw in each container.

Step 2:

Add a few drops of each food dye colour into each container and mix with the straw.

Step 3:

Painting with bubbles

Blow gently through the straw so the bubbles start to bubble over the top of the cup

Step 4:

Painting with bubbles

Press the paper over the top of the cup and press gently; the coloured bubbles will create a print on the paper

Step 5:

Repeat and try with the different colours

Painting with bubbles


  • If doing this activity with children 5 and under, it’s advised an adult blows through the straw
  • Try using different sizes of containers to get larger or small bubbles. E.g. try a yoghurt container for smaller bubbles and a dip container for larger bubbles
  • Try layering colours
  • Try doing this over a canvas
  • Use up the rest of the bubble liquid outside – blow bubbles with wands

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