Painting With Nature | Nature Play

Nature Play

Brisbane Kids love to play in the great outdoors, and creating wonderful masterpieces with their nature finds is a fun and exciting new way to experiment with nature and all her wonderful textures.

Nature Play

The world around us is filled with wonderful textures that look amazing translated onto a canvas. These Nature Play activities are wonderful for fine motor skills, whilst also allowing your child’s inner artist to flourish with different painting tools.

How to paint with natural tools:

Stamping with Nature

Nature Play

Seed pods, rocks and flowers make excellent stamps. The rough and uneven texture makes for interesting random patterns.

Nature Brushes

Nature Play

Use leaves, grasses, sticks and bushy flowers as paint brushes. Create a brush by tying a collection of leaves or grass to the end of a stick using string or elastic bands.

Writing Instruments Found Outdoors

Nature Play

The quill end of feathers or sticks can be manipulated to draw more accurately or practice writing skills.


Nature Play

Roll smooth seed pods, such as chestnuts across a page creating a trail. Rough seeds or large flowers from a Banksia can be rolled for added texture.

The possibilities of natural artistic beauty are endless. Enjoy this super fun and tactile nature painting play!

Nature Play

If you’re after more Nature Play ideas to explore with your Brisbane Kids, then take a look at our 17 Super Seed Pod Ideas or our instructions for Showing Kids How Plants Drink With Colour.

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