Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for toddlers and kids

Heading into the great outdoors for a scavenger hunt is a wonderful way to get your kids out and about with nature. The great thing about being in Brisbane and scavenger hunts is the never ending sources of great places to go. There are plenty of outdoor spaces and Brisbane parks that provide wonderful opportunities to collect and share the knowledge that you and your child will gather on such an adventure.

How to have an adventure with your kids

Talk about what they can hear?

Talk about what they can smell?

Imagine what wonderful Australian animals and creatures might dwell in the bushes and up the trees?

Hypothesize the seasons based on the clues of nature

Talk about signs of humans- how humans can impact green spaces for good and bad

Pack a picnic and walk further than you have ever walked before

Climb mountains, walk along ancient rainforest tracks or just head down to your local park.

Scavenger Hunt for the toddler

For children yet to read we have created a wonderful match type scavenger hunt where they can head out into the great outdoors and use their eyes to match pictures and colours on the sheets. If you only have a black and white printer then just use some pencil or pens to indicate the colours.

We have provided a pre-filled and a blank sheet so you can create your own scavenger hunt depending on where you live, where you are going and the time of year

Download here BK Scavenger Hunt Pre Reader Or download our blank one BK Scavenger Hunt Pre Reader BLANK

toddler scavenger hunt


Early Reader Scavenger Hunt for kids

For the older child combining early literacy with nature is almost like combining some magical ingredients together to create something wonderful. When children are excited about something, then learning becomes part of play. We hope this opens an opportunity for you to use new words, scaffold some opportunities to sound out and pronounce word and most of all DISCOVER and ADVENTURE together.

Download here BK Scavenger Hunt Early Reader 1 or our blank version here BK Scavenger Hunt Early Reader BLANK

scavenger hunt early reader

Happy adventuring with Brisbane Kids!

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