Gem Fossicking for Brisbane Kids at Opals Downunder

Gem fossicking is a wonderful and exciting way to introduce children to the wonders of geology as well as a fun and rewarding hobby.  Recently we visited Opals Down Under to experience fossicking for the first time.  This is a great way to start as the rocks are abundant and easy to find.

Check out the kids fossicking section

Opals Down Under have a children’s fossicking section sure to keep under 12yr olds fascinated for at least an hour.   Prices are $8 for a small tub and $15 for the large, which you place your discovered gems in to take home.   A small tub holds approximately 12-20 rocks, which we found to be sufficient.

opal fossicking brisbane

Upon completing the activity kids are given a rock chart to help them identify their finds, (during the activity kids can use a wall chart to achieve the same purpose).   Our eldest decided he wanted to only find green stones whilst my younger two happily piled in any colour as long as it was shiny!   The first area is undercover and kept us hunting for more and more.

There is a washing station at the last area beside the cave where rocks can be washed to reveal their true colour, nature and lustre.

opal mining brisbane for kids

This activity kept our children busy for over an hour, with the eldest declaring it a great day out.   Due to the ease, and placement of the rocks this activity keeps small children focused and searching for more and more.

Brisbane Kids will love the treasure hunt

There is also a treasure hunt.   A gold rock has been hidden within the fossicking areas and whoever should find it wins a store credit to use in the Opal shop.   This prize kept the children enthralled as to where it could be and how would we find it.   Alas we did not find the treasure.

Opals Down Under is situated at the Glenview exit by Aussie World and the Ettamogah Pub on the way to the Sunshine Coast.   Follow the signs up Glenview Road to the store.   Opening hours are 7 days a week 9am – 5pm.


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