Old Fashioned Gifts for Children

Old fashioned gifts for children, things to do in brisbane with kids and toddlers, shape sorter for a small child

Top Five Old Fashioned Gifts for Children

It’s a common complaint of parents: they begged for it, and then played with it for less than five minutes. Modern plastic toys might have all the bells and whistles, but they don’t quite measure up to the toys from ‘a simpler time’ that amused children for hours on end.  Old fashioned gifts for children ignite the imagination in a way that plastic never will! There’s a certain something about giving a child a toy that you played with or remembered from your childhood: there’s a timelessness and an inherent value to them. We’ve picked our top five favourite old-fashioned gifts for children which we consider a must for any modern child.

The Slinky – Old Fashioned Giggles!

It might seem like an odd pick, but the Slinky is seriously cool and seriously old fashioned. First developed in the 1940s by a naval engineer, the Slinky has never gone out of style and is still as popular (and relatively cheap) as it ever was. Essentially it is a spring that bounces back when stretched. Push the Slinky down a flight of stairs, and it will move from one step to the next, end over end. Science teachers have found it useful in explaining such forces as gravity, and it has even been the subject of NASA experiments. This is one multi-functional toy.

Old Fashioned Wooden Doll’s House

If there is one thing that goes together with little girls and childhood, it is a doll’s house. Small or large, plastic or wooden, cheap or extravagant, this is one toy that no little girl should go without. There’s something so exciting about opening a doll’s house and finding a tiny world inside, complete with furniture. There are endless possibilities for creative play – from role play to sewing curtains for those tiny windows!

old fashioned gifts for children, things to do in Brisbane with kids - play with old fashioned toys

Old fashioned wooden toys get those little imaginations fired up!

The Classic Spinning Top

Spinning tops may be one of the oldest toys in the history of the world, having been found in various historical sites, across various cultures. What’s interesting about this toy is its ability to fascinate. It looks simple, but provides hours of entertainment – including working out how to get the spin just right and seeing how long the spin can last. The science behind why the top spins might have your little professor enthralled as well!

Educational Puzzles

Puzzles are another truly old fashioned toy, one that has fascinated both children and adults from the beginning of history. They are ideal for helping children’s brains develop. Choose from jigsaws, wooden peg puzzles or shape sorters and watch as your little one navigates putting all the pieces together.


Old fashioned gifts for children, things to do in brisbane with kids and toddlers, shape sorter for a small child

How gorgeous is this little classic spin on shape sorting!

Good Old Fashioned Cars!

Just like doll’s houses for little girls, cars – wooden, tin, plastic – epitomise a little boy’s childhood. Many adults will have fond memories of their collection of Matchbox cars. Toy vehicles of any kind will provide all kinds of play for children, from creating obstacle courses and construction sites, to organising races. Wind up or pull back cars are always favourites, especially if you can race them against your siblings!

Recreate a little bit of your childhood and stimulate young imaginations with these old fashioned gifts for your children.



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