Nut-free Sandwich Filling for Kids

School lunches

Are your Brisbane Kids getting bored with their school lunches? We’ve got the inspiration you need to get the excitement back into their lunchboxes with 50 ideas for sandwich fillings. These lunch alternatives are all kid friendly and most importantly, contain NO NUTS to comply with all schools’ guidelines. For a little more variety, try different types of bread like panini, pita or bagels, or lighter wraps.

50 Sandwich Filling Ideas for Kids – Nut FREE

Turkey fillings –

1. Turkey and cranberry sauce 2. Turkey, avocado and mango 3. Turkey, tomato, bacon, mayo and mashed peas

Beef fillings –

School Lunches

4. Taco mince and salad 5. Left over sausages thinly sliced, salad with BBQ sauce 6. Roast beef, mustard and salad 7. Meatballs 8. Silverside and mustard 9. Steak and coleslaw

Pork/Bacon/Ham fillings –

10. Pulled pork, salad and BBQ sauce 11. Pork and apple sauce 12. BLT 13. Avocado and bacon 14. Smoked ham, dijon mustard and mango 15. Ham and Pineapple

Chicken fillings –

School lunches

16. Chicken and homemade tomato salsa 17. Chicken, bacon, avocado, tomato, spinach and aioli 18. Chicken, basil pesto, greek yoghurt (mixed in food processor) and tomato 19. Chicken, apricot sauce and salad 20. Crumbed chicken strips and BBQ sauce 21. Chicken schnitzel and salad 22. Chicken, bacon and mango 23. Chicken, honey and bacon 24. Chicken, sweet corn and mayo

Fruit & Vegetable fillings –

25. Mashed banana and brown sugar 26. Pear, ricotta and agave nectar 27. Apple, strawberry, cinnamon and agave nectar 28. Apple, prosciutto and honey 29. Hummus and diced peppers 30. Avocado and lemon pepper 31. Hummus and shredded carrot 32. Avocado and tomato with cracked pepper 33. Avocado, carrot and cucumber sticks rolled in bread like sushi 34. Salad sandwich 35. Spinach and feta

Cream Cheese fillings –

School lunches

36. Cream cheese and raisins 37. Cream cheese and cucumber 38. Cream cheese, carrot and raisins. 39. Cream cheese and strawberry 40. Cream cheese, ham, carrot and cucumber 41. Cream cheese and raspberry Jam 42. Strawberries and blueberry cream cheese (liquidise blueberries and whip in with cream cheese) 43. Cream cheese, salami, baby spinach and horse radish mustard 44. Cream cheese, tomato, cucumber and lettuce

Spread fillings –

45. Vegemite and salted chips 46. Vegemite, cheese and lettuce 47. Marmalade jam 48. Lemon curd

Tinned food fillings –

49. Baked beans 50. Spaghetti

We’d love to hear your ideas for keeping your Brisbane Kids’ sandwiches interesting! Please leave us a comment below.


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