Nurture a sense of curiosity and discovery in your child with Guardian Early Learning Group

Guardian Early Learning

Guardian Early Learning Group is Australia’s leading integrated early learning group. Each Guardian centre is encapsulated by a nurturing and stimulating environment for babies and children aged between six weeks to six years. Their facilities inspire a sense of curiosity for adventure and discovery, guided by a expertly developed curriculum and highly trained educators.

Guardian Early Learning

The Guardian Early Learning Group ethos

At Guardian, their passion is to nurture a sense of wonder, curiosity and discovery for the developing mind. They believe that children’s curiosity is ignited by environments, applying a primary focus on creating purposeful, beautiful and naturally inspired indoor and outdoor areas, with spaces for children to explore, learn and develop.

Guardian Early Learning

Reggio Emilia inspired program

It is within such an enriching environment that Guardian’s highly trained and experienced educators implement the Guardian Curriculum. The Reggio Emilia inspired program connects play-based activities and a child-led approach to learning lifelong skills to navigate the world – now and in the future. Their curriculum underpins the importance of social and emotional development, encompassing literacy, numeracy, science, art, music, and language, taught in engaging and responsive ways.

Guardian Early Learning

The ‘Guardian Way’

Every aspect of each Guardian Child Care Centre pursues their modern and unique approach to early childhood learning. They aim to enlighten the broader community of their potential and discover the ‘Guardian Way’, which includes –

  1. Staffing each centre with a team of exceptionally qualified and caring educators who ensure each child is safe, respected and loved within high quality and naturally-inspired environments
  2. Applying a content-rich, developmentally appropriate Guardian Curriculum that is inclusive of literacy, numeracy, science, art, music and language. Within this curriculum, every child can develop socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically.

Guardian Early Learning make it easier for families to balance work and family commitments by striving to provide them with thoughtful, meaningful service and care for their children.

Guardian Early Learning

Guardian Early Learning Group – Brisbane Locations

With 11 early learning and childcare centres in Queensland, Guardian Early Learning Centres have been beautifully designed to encourage and nurture the cognitive, emotional, physical and social development of young children of each birth to pre-school level. Interaction with natural materials, as well as free access between indoor and outdoor spaces, are part of the Guardian Way, and lead to optimal meaningful play opportunities for learning.

Brisbane Guardian Early Learning Centre locations currently include –

  • Munro Street Early Learning Centre, Auchenflower
  • Guardian Early Learning, Queen Street, Brisbane
  • Guardian Early Learning, Clayfield
  • Guardian Early Learning, Newstead
  • Lizards Early Learning Centre, Aspley
  • Brassall Early Learning Centre, Brassall
  • Guardian Early Learning, Charlotte Street, Brisbane
  • Sherwood Forest Children’s Centre, Sherwood
  • Guardian Early Learning, Springfield
  • Jacaranda Early Learning Centre, Sunnybank
  • Jacaranda Early Learning Centre, Underwood

Guardian invite you to check out their website at, and book a tour to view their premium facilities and to explore the Guardian difference for yourself.

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