From nurse to nutritionist: one Brisbane mother’s career change

For 31 year old Brisbane mother Gina Rose Urlich it was the eye opening experience of working in the hospital system for eight years combined with becoming a mother that led to her decision to follow her heart to a career in natural health.

After being surrounded by processed foods and patients suffering from chronic illnesses that could be potentially avoided through better lifestyle and dietary choices, Gina Rose knew she needed to make a change.

“As natural health professionals we can help people change the course of their lives before they reach crisis point, and that has always been so attractive to me. I also felt a huge responsibility as a mother to impart as much knowledge about a healthy diet and lifestyle to my children to give them the best chance possible to thrive,” said Gina Rose.

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What followed was one of the most hectic periods of Gina Rose’s life as she started studying Nutritional Medicine part-time at Endeavour College of Natural Health while also juggling work at the Mater Mothers Hospital. If that wasn’t enough, the ambitious student also got married and fell pregnant with her second child.

“I just made it work with the help of a great support network and staying as organised as I could by getting ready the night before, having meals prepped and planning my day carefully. I will be forever grateful to my slow cooker!” said Gina Rose.

Being surrounded by healthcare professionals on campus was a huge plus in helping support Gina through this exhausting stage.

“Not only did the Endeavour team make sure I was doing all the right things to stay healthy and well, they were really flexible too. I found it easy to fit my commitments in around the study and clinical components, not the other way around,” said Gina Rose.

“A lot of my lecturers were also mums and were always realistic with their expectations of us. If I ever needed extra time for assignments there was always an option to request an extension.”

Since graduating last year as a nutritionist, Gina Rose spent six months working in clinical practice before setting up her own clinic focusing on all aspects of nutritional medicine with a special interest in natural fertility, preconception care planning and hormone analysis.

“I’ve been able to establish my own client base largely through the connections I’ve made on my social media pages and I see people not only in Brisbane but also across Australia and overseas through Skype,” said Gina Rose.

The budding nutritionist has also learnt the importance of self-care since entering the natural health industry.

“I’m much better now at taking a step back to look after my own wellbeing and that of my family before helping others. This can mean taking a day off when needed to reset and I make a point on the weekends not to respond to emails or answer work-related calls so that I can totally disconnect,” said Gina.

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Gina Rose’s tips on realising your career dreams with a baby on your hip

  1. Be organised, be organised and be organised! I can’t stress this enough. Planning ahead helps you stay on track when the going gets tough, be it with study, family life, at work or socially. It gives you the headspace to stay focussed on the bigger picture.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to other mums – ever! So many people’s lives seem glamorous and carefree online but we really have no idea of that person’s reality away from the glare of a smartphone. Invest that energy in clarifying and chasing your own goals and dreams. And remember it takes a lot of hard work to make it happen – there’s no quick fix!
  3. A great tip I picked up from one of my Endeavour lecturers was a visualisation technique to imagine where you wanted to be in the future. Picture yourself in the place you are headed and focus on remembering that image – whether it be a booming practice, travelling the world or having a happy and health family. When you lose your way, find the time to zone out and recall that image. Use it to reset and watch yourself fly!

Endeavour College of Natural Health would like to thank Gina Rose Urlich for sharing her story. To find out how Endeavour can assist you in getting the knowledge to heal, please click here.

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