Northey Street Organic and Fresh Food Markets, Windsor, Brisbane

northey street markets

High on our list of markets to visit in Brisbane is the principled and ethical, yet beautifully relaxed Northey Street Markets at Windsor.  Although housed on a carpark, this purely organic produce market is the only one in Brisbane and the atmosphere you’ll find here is one of true community, local support and serenity.

A Brisbane organic market with an atmosphere

The market stalls and cafes are spaced casually and set amongst an abundance of great climbing trees whose dappled canopy provides both a sprinkle of sunshine and a layer of leaves to the generous pathways.  It’s common to see groups of children playing together at their bases, their small limbs dangling happily from between the trunks and branches.  Talented buskers, cellists and saxophonists serenade shoppers and although an extremely popular market the feel here is one of little rush.  You’ll find yourself casually perusing the produce without the push of some overcrowded weekend markets.

The Northey Street Markets have a buzz like no other

The Northey Street Markets have a buzz like no other

Certified Organic Produce in Brisbane

Of course the true drawcard is the certified organic products.  For those of you who are conscious of where your food has come from and how it has been grown stall owners offer up the usual market favourites but with the assurance of its organic production attached.  Although, as is the case with most organics produce, they carry a higher price tag the farmers are proud of their product and are more than happy to chat to you about how it has been grown.  Say hello to Dick at his herb shed or chat with the Larkins’ while you walk through their strawberry selection.  Along with fruit and vegetables, eggs, breads and meats you’ll find honey, sausages, preserves, dairy and dry foods on offer too.  Make sure you stop by the organic orange juice stall.  The kids will love its refreshing ice-blocks which are bursting with fresh juice goodness, the perfect if somewhat messy way to keep them happy and cool on the warmer mornings.

beautiful organic grains

There are plenty of food stalls dotted throughout as well with aromas that will have your mouth watering and your tummies yearning so make sure you try some and eat it picnic style under a tree or on one of the many stools or seats scattered around.

Make sure you check out the city farm

The market section is a hub of life, sounds, smells and friendly faces and you’d be forgiven for thinking that alone is enough.  However, you would not be appreciating the full experience of the Northey Street Markets without stepping under the decorative wooden entrance that links the markets to the enchanting City Farm next door.  Grab a chai tea from the popular café and wander through the many allotments that have been allocated to organic enthusiasts. Wander amongst herb gardens and vege patches and visit the Edible Landscapes Nursery.

Community farming at its best

Free craft activities for kids

If the kids are your companions then don’t leave without making your way to the end of the City Farm to the open field.  Here you will find Bob, who has had his Earth Arts stall at the markets for 7 years now and is very much an ingrained part of its community.  Bob has free earth crafts for kids with his main emphasis on encouraging children to “touch the earth”.  Here kids can get creative with natural clay paints as Bob demonstrates traditional painting on arms (“…a natural sunscreen and good for the immune system”) as well as shows them how to create an array of items such as musical instruments, props, paper and clay crafts and even topical gifts.  He has latex moulds perfect for little hands to make gifts for loved ones and Bob has a natural finger clay painting board the kids can have fun with too.

free entertainment

Quirky creations of his can be found throughout the markets – look out for the paper mould faces on the tree trunk near the café and other items scattered around the farm plots nearby.  The entrance to the City Farm is also a piece of work with all the artwork surrounding the wooden frame created from clay and paper art.

Alongside Bob’s stall you’ll find a sandpit for the kids, some rustic play equipment and even an old-fashioned tyre swing set up.  Casual chairs are set up on the field as people gather for a chat and a drink and each Sunday morning at 7:30am there is a yoga class on the field.  If you are there a little later you may even be lucky enough to witness an impromptu jam session!

The Northey Street Markets are free and run from 6:00am – 10:30am every Sunday.  They are a small, delightful village of their own and with so much to see it’s a good idea to get there early to allow you the time to fully enjoy this wonderful, organic and carefree community.


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