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skimming rocks in Brisbane Creeks

On the way to Samford on Brisbane’s Northside just past Albany Creek is a wonderful creek spot just for perfect for Brisbane kids. Edward Allison Park is less a park and more a reserve with little to no facilities except for the beautiful freshwater Cedar Creek that runs through it, perfectly accessible by little feet.

You will find the park directly off the main road, fairly unmissable and popular on weekends as a rest stop. There is a distance between the parking and the creek itself but the majority is a flat grassy field. The kids will still need shoes because it is littered with creek rocks as a reminder of its glory days when it obviously ran a lot higher.

north brisbane creek

Lovely flat area for Brisbane Kids to frolic in the water

What creek fun you can have at Edwards Allison Park

  • Skimming rocks – There were lots of smooth rocks and the kids had great fun collecting them and doing their best to skim rocks on the flat surface of the water
  • Collecting rocks – We collected some rocks to paint for story stones and pet rocks.
  • Dam making – teaching the kids all about how to build a dam, what it does and how we use dams for drinking water. I also chatted to my 6 year old about how dams can effect eco systems and why we must be careful to return the natural water course to the state that we found it
  • Guppie collecting- Not much has changed since we were kids. There is still a massive thrill to be had by using a small net to collect guppies. We transfer ours to our pond on occasion but generally just let them go.
  • It’s not really a fishing spot. Its just not deep enough for any decent fish but could be good to teach the kids the act of casting.
  • A wonderful Picnic spot- Even though there are no toilets there is plenty of room. We only ventured a short way up but cedar creeks continues to run along for a fair distance and there were plenty of place to put down a big rug and enjoy the sunshine and views. There was one random fairly run down table.

Dangers at the Creek

There used to be another road that seemed to run directly across Cedar Creek. You can actually see a cut up road and the old remnants of an uprooted tree with a massive tree root. My kids thought this was simply amazing but it does make for some obvious point of possibly danger. There are some steep embankments and parental supervision and assistance may be required to get toddlers up and down. The creek at points is also fairly fast running (but this is what you want) which ensures it remains nice and clean.

There are however plenty of points where the run is small and the ground and entry into the creek is shallow. I like it because it offers something for the younger children but also amused the older children. We took a 3 year old, 5 year old and 18 month year old. The two older children really enjoyed the experience. The younger one was a slight burden having to watch her- but this was mainly a water related issue and something you would have at any water course.

Where to find this lovely Brisbane Creek for Kids?

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