Newport Playground

newport playground

Newport Park – The Fun

Active Brisbane Kids will love exploring Newport Playground. The spacious playground has a nautical theme and is located a stone’s throw from the picturesque Newport waterways. Climbing, sliding and role-playing in this park is guaranteed to entertain and spark playfulness. Wide, open, grassy spaces surrounding the playground can inspire an epic game of tiggy, kicking the football, having a game of cricket or just running around, burning off excess energy. Shade is limited at this playground, so plan accordingly. 

double slide at newport

playground net

Imagination Factor at the Newport Playground

Newport Park is a wonderful place to let your children use their imagination whilst playing on the nautical inspired play equipment. Pirates can practice their climbing skills, whilst fishermen and fisherwomen can pretend to sail the seas or cast a line from the stationary play boat. The fort, which looks like a steamboat, is the perfect spot for the children to navigate the ship, find hidden treasure or plot the weather on the activity boards. They can even slide down to the galley to cook up a feast. 

child standing in shipwrecked themed playground

newport park playground

Special Needs Consideration

Access from the carpark to the playground is by way of a concrete path, which continues in a loop around the large grassed area. This path is a safe place for little ones to practice their riding skills on bikes, scooters or even skates as it is surrounded by grass and not too close to roads. Prams and wheelchairs could also use this path to take in the peaceful surroundings. There is a covered BBQ/picnic table. 

open space park

Newport Park – The Facts

  • Slides
  • Climbing nets
  • Play boat
  • Bark and rubber base
  • Bike paths
  • Bike racks
  • Free off-street parking
  • Undercover BBQ facilities and picnic tables
  • Large grassed area for ball games and picnics

 Be aware

  1. There are no toilet facilities at Newport Park.


Newport Park is located on the corner of Griffith Road and Lionheart Crescent in Newport, QLD. 

Another fantastic playground nearby is Stockland Newport Playground.










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