Mountain Bike Skills Course at Walkabout Creek

Mountain bike riding

Finally a Mountain Bike Skills Course, in Brisbane suitable for kids. If your kids love mountain bike riding or are keen to try this fun, outdoor adventure activity, then this is the place for you! It’s a totally new Mountain Bike Skills Course that is now open to the public at Walkabout Creek in The Gap in Brisbane’s north-west.

Mountain bike riders can test their skills, practise their moves and improve their technique on purpose-built trails, designed by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS). The trails are suitable for learners as well as more experienced riders.

Mountain biking course

Image courtesy of Queensland Government

The trails on the Mountain Bike Skills Course

QPWS Executive Director Business Development, Tracy Carsburg, said the trails added to the visitor and recreation facilities at the Centre, and suited different levels of skills and experience.

Trails for less experienced riders

“Less experienced riders can test their skills at balancing and manoeuvring over bumps and mini jumps on the Pump trail and Junior trail,” Ms Carsburg said.

“The Pump track has a smooth surface and no obstacles, to develop pumping skills. The Junior trail is wide with a mini rock garden and a log ride, while the Skills bowl is for the more advanced riders, testing their balancing skills. It features skinny log rides and rough, rocky terrain.”

Trails for experienced riders

“Experienced riders seeking a greater challenge can check out the Ultimate Flow trail, with high speed berms and jumps through rock gardens and log rides,” said Ms Carsburg.

Mountain bike riding

Image by Daniel A Smith, courtesy of Queensland Government

Safety advice for mountain biking with kids at Walkabout Creek

The Mountain Bike Skills Course includes some trails and features that are rated as difficult by International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) standards. As such, it is important for visitors to make sure that they read all signage and pay close attention to the trail classifications in order to choose rides that are suitable for their ability and fitness level. The classifications given represent the highest level of difficulty and skill required for that trail.

Riders of any age or experience may risk injury using this course, so everyone must take suitable precautions to stay safe.

“We want families to have a fun experience at Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre, so we ask riders to stay safe and ride within their limits,” said Ms Carsburg.

Her advice is as follows:

  • Always wear the right safety gear.
  • Ride ONLY on trails suited to your skills and experience.
  • ONLY ride during daylight hours.
  • For the safety of junior riders, those under 13 years must be supervised by an adult.

Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre

Image by Hannah S, courtesy of Queensland Government

Other fun activities at Walkabout Creek

Ms Carsburg said there were many other fun activities for the whole family at Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre.

“Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre is where locals and visitors can enjoy a taste of the freedom and adventure offered in Queensland’s diverse and beautiful national parks . . . and it’s right on Brisbane’s doorstep,” Ms Carsburg said.

“Visit the Wildlife Centre, take the Family Activity Trails, swim or paddle a canoe or kayak in Enoggera Reservoir, or relax on the Events Lawn.”

“Children can dig their toes into the sandpit or tumble down the hill in one of the Nature Play Nodes,” said Ms Carsburg.

You can find out about all the cool things you can do at Walkabout Creek here, and you can read all about Enogerra Reservoir here.

Mountain Biking Skills and Techniques

Mountain Biking is a fun activity for kids to try, but it can also be quite a challenge. Mountain Biking well involves lots of skill, coordination, balance and practise. Getting out and about to try out new trails is a great way to build up these skills, but there are also some other things riders can do in order to improve their technique and make their mountain biking experience safer and more fun.

Check out this article for 5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Mountain Biking Skills. The tips come from Emily Batty, who has been racing for 17 years and is one of Canada’s best pro mountain bikers.

You can also watch this video showing some backyard drills you can practise anywhere to improve your mountain biking skills.

Mountain biking is a great way to explore natural areas and to experience the thrill of racing down a bumpy trail or pedalling over and around obstacles. With these new trails to explore for all levels of riders, this seems like an awesome place to head to to try it out!

Walkabout Creek is located at 60 Mount Nebo Road, The Gap. You can find out more about Walkabout Creek here.

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  1. Aaron says:

    Great course – it’s a pity that it’s so over run with weeds a metre high at the moment.

    Any chance u can clean up area – it’s been a long time since any maintenance was undertaken…four months ?

    Pity – as kids would love to use, now that we can give back into our National Parks.

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