Brisbane Koala Research Centre at Lone Pine

Australian koala bear native animal with baby on the back.

Yesterday, Brisbane City Council announced that, in collaboration with Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, it would be investing up to $2 million dollars into the creation of a world class Koala Research Centre in Brisbane.  Due for completion in June 2018 the centre will be located within the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Fig Tree Pocket and states a goal of ensuring that “Brisbane’s koala population is protected for generations to come”.

The need to protect our national treasure

It is a well-known and well-documented fact that although the koala is one of Australia’s most loved and iconic animals their numbers over recent years have been declining at a distressing rate.  In fact, under national and state environmental law they are now listed as ‘vulnerable’, which is mostly due to reasons such as habitat loss, dog attacks, vehicle strikes and disease.

So with the apparent need for urgent action to be made, we welcome the news that a facility dedicated to their research and conservation is being created.

Brisbane – the ‘koala capital’ of Australia

Brisbane City Council state that the new Koala Research Centre will be staffed by scientific researchers who will focus on the above key issues facing koalas in the urban context as well as collaborate with universities and other research institutions.

Not just a research facility though, the centre hopes to engage and educate visitors on how they can help with koala conservation through a unique and memorable experience. In fact, the centre has the ambitious aim of becoming a ‘world-class facility that establishes Brisbane as the ‘koala capital’ of Australia.’

The research centre will accommodate a minimum of two scientific researchers, and may include:

  • monitoring capability for potential live streaming video feed
  • interactive displays that cater to all ages
  • mini-theatrette and lounge area
  • fully accessible and multi-lingual displays
  • a viewable section of the research area for visitors to view the researchers at work.

How you can help now

For more information on koalas in Brisbane, what the council is doing and how you can also help with their conservation then head to the Brisbane City Council website.  Stay informed and together we can work towards ensuring these animals not only survive but thrive within their natural environment.

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