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Taking a break from your career to focus on being a mum may change how you feel about going back to work.  For many mums, having a baby makes them question if they really want to return to the same role. Perhaps your priorities and interests have changed and to be away from your little ones, you feel that a different career may be more rewarding and worthwhile.

Returning to work and figuring out what you want isn’t as simple as it sounds. It might be the time to restart or reinvent your career, start your own business or do whatever it is that you hope to in order to make your next career phase work for you and your family.

If you are thinking about a new career direction, here are a few ideas that could assist you in getting started.

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Recognise your strengths

You need to address what your key strengths are.  Identify and evaluate your skills, interests, competencies, accomplishments, experiences, what type of work and environment you enjoy.  This is an important process for you to work out what skills you have and how you would market yourself.

Sometimes the people who know and love us best can give great insights. Speak with some trusted friends or family about what they see as your strengths and the types of work they could see you doing. You might be surprised at how others see you and what you can contribute to any given project or role.

Are further skills required?

Some careers may require retraining or different formal qualifications. Having listed what transferable skills you have developed over your career or life to date, now you can consider what specific skills or knowledge areas you don’t have  and use these as the basis for identifying the training or education you may require to make the transition into this field.

Research is key

Now that you have completed your self-assessment and identified your strengths, you need to determine what you would like from your new career.  Ask yourself questions like how much you need to earn, what flexibility you need, is working close to home important. Ensure your expectations are realistic.

When you have determined what field or industry you want to work in, ensure you gain an understanding of the type of job opportunities that exist. Use your contacts if you have any in this field to get a realistic view. Contact some HR specialists in this industry and ask about what qualifications, skills and training employers ask candidates to have. While most mum’s can demonstrate exceptional multi-tasking abilities (bordering on super-human) there may be other abilities that are unique to the industry. Is the field you’re interested in the right fit for you and will it offer you what you require? All of these questions assist you in making a well informed choice when embarking on a career change.

Start New Career

Consider a CV Specialist

If you are feeling stuck capturing the breadth of roles, duties, responsibilities and skills you have then consider engaging a specialist in resume writing. This can sometimes make the difference in getting that first job interview and they can help crystalize everything you have to offer onto a piece of paper.

Ask for support

When you are embarking on a process like a career change, ensure you have the right support either professionally or personally. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  It may be a small group of family or friends who you trust or a career coach.   It’s also worth asking friends and other mums how they have changed their careers.  You may pick up good advice and tips through them.

If you decide you need to study to prepare for your new career direction, Martin College’s Bachelor of Business degrees will equip you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed. Studying at Martin offers fantastic flexibility, with online and on campus options so you can balance your family-work-study commitments. We can support you every step of the way. If you would like to find out more about studying at Martin Higher Education, click here.

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