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Being a nanny or au pair can be amazingly fulfilling and rewarding, nurturing little ones, helping them to learn and develop and enjoying lots of special moments with them. Yet it can also be quite a lonely career, without the camaraderie of working alongside colleagues. For many nannies and au pairs, the initial period of work can leave you feeling quite isolated and craving some adult company and companionship. For those working in Brisbane, the great news is that there are plenty of opportunities here for nannies and au pairs who want to build a network of like-minded people for kids’ playdates and adults’ catch-ups. We’ve rounded up the best ways for you to make friends in Brisbane!

Join a network group

One of the best ways to make friends with others is to join a network group. Brisbane and Gold Coast Nanny Network is a great group to join to make new friends and arrange playdates. The Miss Poppins Nanny & Babysitting Agency organises a social event every month for nannies to meet up and connect, and to form relationships with other local nannies and organise playdates. Both groups love welcoming new nannies. You can also find other groups simply by searching Facebook for Brisbane nannies.

For au pairs, there are also many Facebook groups for au pairs in Brisbane to connect with each other. Au Pair World Brisbane and Surrounds is a group for Brisbane au pairs to meet, make friends and organise travels. Au Pair in Brisbane 2015 is a group for all 2015 au pairs to make friends, socialise and find travel partners. There are many others out there too!

Join a social group

There are also many other services for connecting people that aren’t specifically nanny or au pair orientated. For example, Meetup is a great site to find groups of like-minded people. The JOY Project in Brisbane is run to bring more joy to people who have moved here and are adjusting to a new life and settling in. It’s free to join, it’s for anyone and they meet for regular social events. Find out more here. There is also Playdate Australia, where you can find people who live nearby with similar aged children and interests to set up playdates or join mothers’ group or playgroup.

Visit a park

Visiting one of Brisbane’s awesome parks is not only fun for the kids, it is also a great opportunity to meet other people. Having the confidence to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger can be hard to muster, but remember that they’re probably in the same boat as you and would much prefer to watch over the kids with a little company and nice conversation than be alone. For an easy conversation starter, you can simply say something like, ‘Hey Johnny is really enjoying playing with your child. Would you like to meet up for a playdate next Tuesday at such and such a park?’ Oh and to make it even easier for you, we have mapped all of the best playgrounds in Brisbane right here for you on Brisbane Kids!


Join a playgroup

Joining a playgroup is a great way to let the kids play with others in a safe and fun environment and to meet new people. Check out Playgroups in Brisbane for a complete list of playgroups that are looking for new members!

Go to the library

Libraries in Brisbane are awesome! They often have dedicated children’s areas and run many regular kids’ activities for babies, toddlers and older children. Whether you go to an event or just to read some books together and do some colouring, you will often find many others doing the same with their little ones and looking for friendship. Simply click here to find a library near you!

The thing to remember is you are not alone! Everyone needs a friend and luckily in Brisbane there are plenty of ways to find them. The best advice is get out there and be confident in yourself!

For other helpful advice for anyone who is new to the area or simply wanting to find friends, check out our Top Tips for New Families Moving to Brisbane.

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