Narangba Skate Park

narangba skate precinct

Skateparks certainly aren’t what they used to be. While you’ll still find the odd teenager with antisocial tendencies, turn up at Narangba Skate Precinct on a weekend and they are far outnumbered by the numerous families hitting the pavement together. From toddlers in nappies to teenagers stopping to check their phones, occasionally you might even catch mum or dad having a sneaky session too. Find some shade, unleash the inner daredevil, and let your Brisbane Kids work up a sweat while having a blast!

Skate Park in Narangba

Starting up one end of the Narangba Skate Precinct is a mini ramp which gives a few options in direction – ride over the two small volcanos or give the half bowl a go, with a small quarter pipe located off to the side. The most popular option is to drop in off the mini ramp, follow it up the bank which gives some momentum, and lift to try your luck with the grind rail. Although the mini ramp is long and lets numerous riders drop in at the same time, there is no path running around the back to allow riders to get back up without interfering with the flow. The ledge behind the mini ramp isn’t very wide either, so during busy times, it can be a tight squeeze. That said, everyone generally takes turns, and older kids look out for the younger ones – somehow there are no collisions but always lots of smiles at every visit to this skatepark.

At the other end of the Narangba Skate Precinct park is a large vert ramp with a railing behind it, with no stairs to climb up. At the bottom of the ramp is a larger volcano that has a smaller vert ramp off to one side. Skaters can follow the bank up to two grind boxes and a couple of ledges.

Safety Considerations

As always when riding scooters, bikes or skateboards, riders should always wear appropriate safety gear. A well-fitting helmet is a must, long trousers wouldn’t be a bad idea, and for skateboard riders knee pads, wrist and elbow guards are necessary as well. As the surface is concreted, the sun does reflect, so sunscreen is a must. Water bottles are highly recommended – it gets quite hot! For the safety of all riders, we encourage courtesy, turn-taking and looking out for others. Somehow this works and, despite the chaos, very rarely are there any collisions between riders.


Although a fantastic skate park for riders, this one isn’t any different for spectators. There aren’t a lot of shaded seating options, just two small shelters with seats and unfortunately, it is difficult to see the action from these areas. Mature trees surround the park, so bring a chair or blanket and set up under one of those. For parking, there is a small off-street carpark, and the road is wide enough to accommodate parking on the side of the road. There are no bathrooms on-site. Water bubblers are available, and adjacent is a fenced dog park. A basketball hoop is also in the skate precinct.

Narangba Skate Precinct features

  • Skatepark for kids of all ages
  • Mini ramp
  • Volcanoes
  • Half bowl
  • Small quarter pipe
  • Large vert ramp with railing
  • Large volcano
  • Grind boxes
  • Ledges
  • Fenced dog park adjacent
  • Basketball hoop
  • Two small picnic shelters (not within viewing distance of skate area)
  • Shady trees around the perimeter of the skate park
  • Drinking fountain
  • No toilet facilities
  • Off-street carpark

Two more great nearby playgrounds are Walmsley Park and Central Park, Narangba.

Narangba Skate Precinct is located on the corner of Harris Avenue and Young Road at Narangba, as part of the Harris Avenue Sports Complex.

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