Music That Sounds Like Santa

santas sleigh

Jingle bells jingle bells…….. The joy on a child’s face when hearing such a wonderful sound at Christmas is priceless. But, instead of listening to the commercialised sound, why not create your own?

With numerous  apps and you tube clips available,  why not try these ideas and  see the joy on your children’s faces when they ‘hear’ Santa!

YOUTUBE Music that sounds like Santa’s Sleigh

From the sounds of Santa’s sleigh getting ready for take off to the sounds of the bells ringing on Santa’s sleigh, from the sleigh coming in for landing for toy delivery to Santa landing on the roof (with some very loud hoof steps!!) there is something for everyone!

Santa APPS

And in this day where you can find an APP for just about everything, why not have a look at some of these ones:

Talking Santa

Allows you to create fun Christmas Greetings that will warm the hearts of everyone!

Santa Tracker

Complete with special Santa sleigh sounds, this app will provide plenty of entertainment in the lead up to Christmas Day!

Santa’s Sleigh Ride

Join the ride with Santa and his reindeer who are involved in training for the annual Christmas Eve dash, complete with magical Christmas sounds.

Or of course, you could always grab a set of bells for an authentic, and old fashioned, sound of sleigh bells!






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