Music and Audio Stories to Help Kids and Babies Sleep

baby sleeping to music

Music can be a great tool for creating routines and helping to energise or relax young minds, depending on the time of day. As such, music can be the perfect addition to your bedtime routine to help your child wind down for a good nights sleep.

Depending on your child’s age, and their unique tastes, there are a variety of popular wind down music options you might like to incorporate into their bedroom routine.


Dinosnores is an award winning CD collection of everything from music through to story telling to help your children sleep.

Dinosnores for School Kids

Dinosnores for school kids are guided mediation stories that take kids on a journey that will spark their imagination and lead them to sleep. From Mermaids, to Dinosaurs and even a Honeybee there are several versions to cater for the individual preferences that start developing as kids grow up.

Dinosnores for Toddlers

The newly introduced toddler series of sleep cd’s includes a snoozy kitten listening to the sounds of baby animals on a farm.

Dinosnores for Babies

The baby collection of Dinosnores features the most wonderful range of music and sounds to help soothe babies at night.

sleep stories for kids

Meditation Music for Kids

Many babies and children find relaxation and meditation music to be helpful for bedtime, with great choices being sounds of the ocean or forest, as well as white noise or instructional meditation for older children. Brisbane Kids reviewed this Meditations for Kids CD and found it a wonderful relaxation aid with our then 8 year old daughter. You can also buy this one from Right Brain Kids or you can download via the apple store.

enchanted meditation for kids

Nursery Rhymes

A fun option for kids is listening to nursery rhymes or lullabies before bed, either on CD, online or singing along with you until they are happy to just listen.

Kids Audio Books

There is a whole world of opportunity to bring books to life with literally hundreds of kids books being converted to audio. Our favourites so far include The Magic Faraway Tree and the entire Roald Dahl Series of Kids Books. You can find these on EBAY, the Book Depository or even download via Itunes.

We also picked up The Treehouse Stories from Andy Griffiths on CD via Dymocks.

roald dahl audio for kids

Rock and Pop Lullabies

Many parents and children are embracing the Rockabye Baby series of albums which are lullaby versions of popular musicians and songs, such as Metallica, The Beatles, Green Day, ACDC, U2 and a whole lot of other rock and pop legends. They are also a subtle way of having your kids love your favourite bands too. They are completely instrumental versions of all the songs you love, perfect for sleep time, even as babies.

rockabye baby

Popular Music

There are also a lot of popular artists and groups that make easy listening music that is perfect for night time. Some of the popular choices include:

  • Norah Jones
  • Enya
  • Jewel
  • Jack Johnson
  • Ed Sheran
  • Adele

If you want to avoid purchasing new music, there are plenty of free online options, such as Pandora radio, iTunes radio, YouTube and phone or tablet based apps, many of which include a children’s sleep playlist perfect for night time. Alternatively, easy listening and classical radio stations are a great option also.

Sing to your babies

Children love the sound of their parents singing to them, even if you think you are an awful singer. Whether it be nursery rhymes, Christmas carols or popular radio songs, this is a great option that requires little to no preparation. And if you can play an instrument, that adds a whole extra option to the bedroom sleep routine.

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