Mulbeam Park in Boondall

Mulbeam Park Boondall

A fantastic park designed with the community in mind.

Mulbeam Park is named after the two roads that form its boundary, Muller Road and Beams Road. A large sprawling park, it caters for a variety of interest groups to use in numerous ways. No wonder it is a popular north Brisbane park.

The Fun

There are two play areas, the first a timber, fort style structure which has a transport theme. Your Brisbane Kid will find a map with reference to the nearby roads with moveable cars, a dash board, car servicing area, two slides, bridges, a low abstract climbing wall and an opportunity to get noisy on a music making board. The older, shaded, metal play structure has climbing elements, slide and a tunnel. A basket swing is positioned beneath a gum tree, along with a few traditional swings. There is also a liberty swing and a high back special needs swing.  Both play structures have a bark base with soft fall. An obstacle style exercise circuit is suited to older Brisbane Kids and adults.

Along with the play areas, there are plenty of other ways to get active. There is a full-size basketball court, a dog park and you can bring the tennis racquets and balls to make the most of the double-sided bounce wall. These facilities provide a buffer between the play areas and the roads as they are unfenced. There is also plenty of flat, grassed areas for kicking a ball or setting up stumps for a game of cricket.

Imagination Factor

Let your children’s’ imagination carry them to the jungle. Explore through the tangle of vines as they cross the bridge, will your little explorer make it to the other side? Trip trap across the shaky bridge, scale the abstract climbing wall and then slide down to the bottom.

Perhaps they would like to drive the vehicle of their dreams, then put it in the service centre for maintenance and repair. Don’t forget to fill the petrol tank before driving away. Then race your friends on the map, who will win? Or simply conduct a marching band on the music maker. There are so many ways to play, see where their imagination takes them.

Special Needs

There are concrete paths connecting the various elements of the park, creating greater access for prams and wheelchairs. The shaded liberty swing is close to the wheelchair designated parking spaces. Public bathrooms are by the carpark and they have both wheelchair accessible and standard cubicles.

Mulbeam Park – The Facts

  • Off street parking in a public car park off Muller Road
  • Sheltered tables and chairs
  • BBQ and water bubblers
  • Public bathrooms, wheelchair accessible and standard stalls
  • Two play areas, both have a combination of bark and soft fall, both unfenced
  • Both play areas are visible from one another
  • Partially shaded with shade cloth, rooves and trees
  • Slides and swings are not shaded
  • Green space for kicking a ball or other activities
  • Bounce wall
  • Bike path runs through and around parkland
  • Popular for birthdays and community gatherings or events

While in the area why not explore Boondall Wetlands or head for the Hidden World Playground in Fitzgibbon.

Mulbeam Park is found at the intersection of Beams and Muller Road at Boondall, with access off Muller Road.


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