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A trip to the movies during the school holidays is a great outing for families and with many cinemas now offering cheaper tickets it’s can be an outing you can afford to do once (or even twice) during the holidays. The great news is there are so many awesome movies for kids out these school holidays that appeal to the big kids just as much as the little ones!  We have made a complete guide of movie release dates over the school holidays, so you and your Brisbane Kids know what is coming up so you don’t miss a thing.

Captain Underpants

Captain Underpants the movie

Release Date: 14th September 2017

Based on the best selling children’s book of the same name, Captain Underpants will be the must see movie these school holidays! This hilarious family comedy tells the story of two overly imaginative pranksters, George and Harold, who hypnotize their principal into thinking he’s an enthusiastic, yet dimwitted, superhero named Captain Underpants. You can imagine the crazy antics the boys and their principal get up to, however, surprisingly this movie also delivers an importation message about the power of friendship and imagination. Staring Kevin Hart as the voice of George, Thomas Middleditch as Harold and Ed Helms as the Principal, the long awaited Dreamworks movie will not disappoint.  One thing is for sure – there will be lots of laughs for the whole family – so many you may in fact laugh your pants off!

To find out more about the upcoming Captain Underpants Movie click here

You can check out the official trailer for Captain Underpants below:

The Emoji Movie

Family school holiday movies emoji movie

Release Date: 14th September 2017

A movie made just for this generation, The Emoji Movie is sure to be a hit with everyone who uses the smiley face, sad face, thumbs up and of course the poo emoji! The movie explores exactly what happens in the secret world inside your phone where emoji’s live and work. But when one emoji, Gene, finds out he has more than one facial expression, he tries to become normal and have just one expression like the rest of the emoji’s living in Textopolis. Gene along with his friends Hi-5 and the code breaker emoji Jailbreak, go on an awesome adventure through the apps on the phone, including a visit to Candy Crush, to try and find the code that will fix Gene and make him ‘normal’. Along the way a greater danger threatens the phone and the fate of all emojis depends on these three unlikely friends who must save their world before it’s deleted forever. Starring the voices of James Cordon, Anna Farris,  Maya Rudolph, Sofia Vergara, Christina Aguilera, T.J  Miller and Sean Hayes, this LOL movie will make you look at your emoji’s in a new light and make you think that maybe there is more to your emoji’s than just one emotion.

To find out more about the upcoming Emoji Movie click here

You can check out the official trailer for The Emoji Movie below:


Find the ninja within Lego Ninjago movie

Release Date: 22nd September 2017

Following the success of The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie,  the long awaited LEGO NINJAGO Movie makes its way onto the big screen just in time for the September school holidays. The movie follows the battle for NINJAGO City and calls to action young Master Builder Lloyd (the Green Ninja), along with his friends who are also secret ninja warriors. Led by Master Wu, the wise and wise-cracking master, Loyd and his fellow ninjas must defeat the evil warlord Garmadon who also happens to be Lloyd’s dad. Pitting father against son, the epic showdown tests these fierce but undisciplined modern-day ninjas as they learn to check their egos and pull together to unleash the inner power of Spinjitzu. The movie stars the voices of Justin Theroux, Dave Franco, Olivia Munn and Jackie Chan as Master Wu. Jam packed with lots of kicks, spins and the humour everyone has come to know and love from the LEGO movie franchise, this holiday movie is sure to entertain LEGO NINJAGO fans of all ages and bring out the Ninja within everyone! 

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You can check out the official trailer for The LEGO NINJAGO Movie below:

Upcoming Movies to Look Out For Your Brisbane Kids Will Love:

The Son of Bigfoot

Release Date: 19th October 2017

upcoming movie poster son of bigfoot

My Little Pony: The Movie

Release Date: 2nd November 2017

upcoming movie my little pony


To find some old movie favourites to watch on DVD or Netflicks over the school holidays or for the best cinema experiences, check out our Movies We Love section. For more fun school holiday ideas make sure you check out our Brisbane Kids Event Calendar or sign up to our newsletter here 

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