Mount Gravatt Park in Upper Mt Gravatt | Central south side play space

Mount Gravatt Park’s grassy spaces and playground, with its climbing activities and swings, are great for active Brisbane Kids to burn off some energy and stretch their skills.

Mount Gravatt Park – The Fun

Located off busy Logan Road in Upper Mount Gravatt, Mount Gravatt Park is a good play option for families in the area. The playgrounds feature swings, rockers, climbing activities and a slide and are protected from the sun by shade structures. For bigger Brisbane Kids, the park also has a basketball half court and a rebound wall. Flat grassy areas provide space to run or set up a picnic. There is also a barbeque in the park and several unsheltered picnic tables.

Imagination Factor

The climbing station’s bridge shape will have Brisbane Kids imagining they’re climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, whilst the small climbing wall built into the play equipment is perfect for ‘abseiling’. Bring a bouncy ball to test out hand-eye coordination skills on the rebound wall, or a basketball to shoot some hoops like an NBA star.

Special Needs

Mount Gravatt Park has accessible toilet facilities. The playground is unfenced, though buffered from the main road by the small carpark which has parking for eight vehicles and is accessed directly from Logan Road. Shade structures protect the play equipment from the sun during the day and there are several large trees around the grassy areas to provide further sun protection. There are unsheltered picnic tables and a barbeque in Mount Gravatt Park, as well as several nearby shops for snack supplies.

Mount Gravatt Park – The Facts

  • Unfenced playgrounds sheltered by shade structures
  • Accessible toilet facilities
  • Rubber and bark base
  • Slide
  • Swings
  • Climbing station
  • Rockers
  • Basketball half court
  • Rebound wall
  • Shady trees
  • Open grassy spaces
  • Barbeque
  • Unsheltered picnic tables
  • Bench seating
  • Small off street carpark (off Logan Rd)

Another great nearby Brisbane Playground is Abbeville Street Park.

Mount Gravatt Park is located at 1850 Logan Road, near Klumpp Road, in Upper Mount Gravatt.

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2 responses to “Mount Gravatt Park in Upper Mt Gravatt | Central south side play space”

  1. Katherine says:

    Unfortunately the Mount Gravatt playground does not have toilets.

    • Hi Katherine. Our reviewer and BCC council website show there are public toilets here. There is another park on Logan rd, is it possible you went to that one? or perhaps just couldn’t locate them?

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