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monster slide brisbane

Please note: This event is now finished.

New Note 26.3.15 THIS EVENT WAS NOT APPROVED BY COUNCIL AND HAS BEEN CANCELLED. YIKES! email email [email protected] with proof of purchase to get a refund. 

Note: This  Monster Slide event is still in approval stages according to Council. We have received a number of emails regarding this. According to Council this is very common at lots of events and certainly doesnt mean it wont be approved but have advised anyone concerned should speak directly with event organisers. We want to stress that this is very common for approval to take place at the last minute with many large events and festivals just due to the sheer volume of different boxes needing to be ticked leading up to an event. This is an editorial non paid article on our website. Brisbane Kids is in no way affiliated with the organisers of the Monster Slide or the event itself.

Monster Slide Brisbane is here!!

The Brisbane Monster slide is set to make its splash on Brisbane very soon and you should make sure you take the time to read all the terms and conditions to ensure you can participate affordably and safely. This is a slide mission that has taken months of planning with a massive social media lead up. If you are around on the Easter Weekend then the Brisbane Monster slide is something you want to check out for yourself!

3 days of sliding on the slipperiest longest waterslide on Brisbane. Running from Good Friday through to Easter Sunday, they will deliver 3 days of non-stop sliding

Monster Slide Brisbane : The Facts

Queenport Road Murrarie

The Slide will be open from Friday April 3rd until Sunday April 5th 2015. 9am-9pm daily.

Open to all ages (but PLEASE be safe) – no alcohol or smoking allowed.

Preparing yourself for the HUGE Brisbane Slide

We have seen events like this before with massive lines and disappointed faces so we are pleased to hear they have set up the slide into 2 hour clocks. This will make sure every willing water slider will get from 4- 12 slides depending on your speed of return. They are offering super cool night slider sessions, but more suitable to Brisbane Kids, family friendly slide sessions.

They have split the event into 2 hour blocks and limited the capacity per block. This ensures everyone gets to have a good jam on the Monster Slide (they have calculated 4-12 slides depending on how fast you can run back to the to top) – the tickets are called ALL YOU CAN SLIDE for a reason!

They have Family-Friendly sessions, Open sessions as well as Night-Slider sessions on offer. Check in opens 60min before your session, please ensure you are early to get the most out of your slides!

Monster Rings at a Cost

Inflatables are important because each water slider will need to remain safe and sound and will need their inflatable ring to speed at a good pace down the monster slide. You can buy them for your Brisbane Kids online so when you buy a ticket make sure you get one then to save the trouble. That said, you can BYO but make sure you go to their website because they have strict conditions.

When you purchase your ticket, please print out and sign the waiver that is printed on the ticket. Take this with you when you check in for your session so they can scan you in. If you do not sign the waiver, they cannot let you ride the Monster Slide.

The Brisbane Monster Slides Terms

They do have a lot of terms and conditions and safety rules for the slide so please head to their website to read them. We also read this on their website  BE PREPARED TO WAIT IN LINE
Yes, there will be a wait for your turn. We have capped tickets and we will do our utmost to ensure the slide is moving at a safe speed to reduce your waiting times. However, please be aware that safety comes first. Monster Slide takes no responsibility if you decide to leave because you feel the wait is too long

Other waterslides in Brisbane

If you miss out on a ticket to the Monster Slide keep in mind Brisbane has other slides from Wet’n’Wild which is a toddler friendly waterslide park through to local aquatic centres like the Monster Slide at Albany Creek Leisure Centre.

Brisbane Ticket Types:

Find all the details of all the tickets by clicking here. Tickets look to start from $30 with most of those sold out at the time of publishing.


Feature pic credit Monster Slide. 

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5 responses to “Monster Slide Brisbane”

  1. sarah harmer says:

    Can’t be the first to comment

  2. Cybergothiche says:

    In Murrarie?

  3. Feeling ripped off says:

    Be afraid everyone. I just posted on Monster Slide’s facebook page seeking answers. Their response was to delete my comment. I have bought one $49 ticket and one plastic blow up ring as recommended as I don’t have a boogie board and nowhere to store it anyway. The comment was factual and not nasty in any way. I was asking whether the event had Brisbane Council approval (after having read this new disclaimer on this article) and also a complaint about the DASH ticketing system whereby if you elect to take out insurance, they charge you TWICE for insurance. By the way a plastic ring cannot attend an event or be sick and that is why the insurance is provided as an option. I didn’t know this until I got the receipt for the insurance and policy separately a day later. I have spoken to the insurance company as they NUA are in Brisbane and are a reputable firm, based here for many years. They asked me for an email request to refund and I expect they (NUA) will do this.NUA said it was DASH’s decision to do tiered insurance but the software set up is just wrong. Dash ticketing (which is in New Zealand) however would not note the clear problem with their ticketing and suggested I send an email but the customer service rep for them freely admitted she could see the problem. I have also rung Brisbane City Council this afternoon Weds 18 March. There is no event listed for the proposed location shown on the Council’s database. That is not to say the approval is not still to be considered but it’s very irresponsible to be selling tickets when you don’t know you can proceed. Monster Slide organisation in NZ deleted my comment within minutes so to me this indicates there are possible problems with this event and they have something to hide. There is scant information about exactly where to park, the location etc for when you attend on the ticketing web site and no supporting web site of any kind of the Brisbane event. No decent info about location, parking, traffic management etc etc and the event is less than 15 days out and that is not even considering set up time for the infrastructure. As a very very experienced major community event organiser, the alarm bells are really ringing for me. i suspect I have done my money to a con man and from other recent news reports in mainstream Australian media it appears the business owner owes money to people left, right and centre from previous slide events in NZ.
    . I feel sorrier though for all the families and others out there who have invested money in tickets also when they could have used the money elsewhere during the school holidays. Please do not confuse Monster Slide Australia or Monster Slide NZ with Slide in the City which is a very different company and from all media accounts of its regional (Toowoomba, Melbourne) and other endeavours in Australia is offering a better deal for sliders and families and also more professionally organised.

  4. James says:

    define ‘Kids’

  5. STEVE says:

    This monsterslide event does not have council approval as yet – buyer beware. Nor were the residence that live along Queensport Road Murarre consulted as to the staging of this 3 day event over the Easter long weekend. I should know – I live on Queensport Road. How dare they presume that we want this on our doorstep for 3 days ruining our long weekend!

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