What Is An MLAK & How Is It Helping Kids With Disabilities?


Do you have a child with a disability? It can often be challenging to have access to facilities that cater for your child’s special needs. However, there are a network of facilities out there that are available to parents of a child with a disability.

The Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK) is a key that gives parents and their children access to a wide network of facilities throughout Australia.

As a parent of a disabled child, most toilet facilities are open during the day, however, it can be difficult to find accessible facilities after hours. The MLAK system is designed to reduce vandalism and keeps the facilities clean, while still allowing parents and children with a disability access to these facilities.

The MLAK framework has been fitted to lifts at railroad stations, accessible toilets in Council districts, and National Parks and adaptive playground equipment across Australia.

Who’s Eligible For An MLAK?

To qualify for an MLAK, you must either have a disability or be a carer of someone with a disability. To qualify if you are carer, you must have written permission from either:

  • a doctor
  • a disability organisation
  • or a community health centre

Alternatively, most private businesses that have MLAK fitted facilities will have a key available at reception.


Have You Heard Of Liberty Swings?

The Liberty Swing is a world-first Australian advancement. It is a swing that permits people in wheelchairs the chance to experience the delight of being on a swing. Your children no longer have to sit and watch other children from the sidelines!

Liberty swings can be found in parks, playgrounds, schools and healthcare facilities around Australia. They are incredibly safe and meet stringent world safety standards. Liberty Swings can only be accessed with an MLAK.

Where Can I Find My Local MLAK Facilities?

Spinal Cord Injuries Australia keeps up an index of MLAK facilities all over Australia. This index is updated on a regular basis.

Alternatively, the National Public Toilet Map keeps a record of over 14,000 public and private toilets throughout Australia. It also includes details of each facility, and whether it has disabled access. The database includes opening hours, accessibility of child change rooms, and the points of interest of other adjacent toilets.

The National Public Toilet Map is also accessible for Apple’s iPhone. Simply go to the App Store on your iPhone, or use iTunes to download the National Public Toilet Map App. It’s free!

Master Locksmith

How Do I Get An MLAK?

The MLAK is a product of the Master Locksmiths Association Of Australasia (MLAA). Individuals with a disability, or their carers, can buy an MLAK through their local Master Locksmiths who are part of the MLAA. It usually costs around $20 for a key.

To find out more about the MLAK, please visit www.masterlocksmiths.com.au/mlak.php.


Thank you to Nathan Hughes for this article. Nathan is the founder of LocksmithsInSydney.com. When he and his team of locksmiths are not letting you back into your house at 4am, he is dressed up as Iron Man running around at home with his family.

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