Fundamental Minecraft Tips for Parents

minecraft for parents

“Are your kids obsessed with Minecraft? Need to learn how to install mods? Looking for party ideas? Don’t have a clue what a spider jockey is?” You can find the answers to these and many more Minecraft related questions on Bec Oakley’s MineMum website.

Bec has a knack for explaining technical issues in simple parent-friendly language and the site has a Mailbag feature where parents can ask for help. “It’s hard to find simple instructions aimed at non-gamers, so I try to fill that gap and provide a less intimidating place for parents to ask questions,” Bec told me.

6 Minecraft Tips for Parents from MineMum

  • Find family-friendly Minecraft videos

YouTube videos are a wonderful source of Minecraft information and inspiration for children but because the game is also played by teenagers and adults, some videos contain inappropriate language and comments.

The following names have been mentioned by Bec as “safe” youtubers (note that some at the beginning of their youtube careers can have the odd swear word but then once niched into kids become very clean). Paul Soares Junior, Mr Stampy Cat, Minecraft Seth Bling, IHascupquake, ThinkNoodles are names that she mentioned.

  • Make a backup copy of worlds before installing mods

MineMum suggests ten popular Minecraft mods to start with here.

  • Be wary of fake download files

There are two main places where you’ll come across these when you’re looking for Minecraft mods – ad spaces on websites or ad redirection services like AdFly. Don’t click on ‘Download’ without reading the small print. It can also be good to have a cheap gaming laptop so the risk is not transferred to anything business or personal on your usual computer.

  • Get involved by letting your kids teach you to play

“Experiencing the game first hand really is the best way to understand what they’re talking about, and see the educational potential for yourself. Plus it’s a lot of fun!” Bec advises.

  • Consider off-line Minecraft activities

When screen time is over and kids still want to play, try  Off-line Activities for Kids Who love Minecraft with suggestions for planting, crafting and cooking in the real world.

  • Recommended resources

MineMum recommends Blockopedia, a reference guide book, and the on-line Minecraft wiki (

Bec aims to provide parents with information to “help them make more informed decisions when it comes to both the good and less good aspects of the game.” If you’re looking for advice, the answer to a question, gift ideas or craft activities, check out the MineMum website. You’re sure to find something helpful.

Sandy Fussell is an IT Consultant and an award-winning author of books for young people. You can find her at and

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