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Minecraft. You either like it or loathe it. But the fact remains that our Brisbane Kids LOVE Minecraft and the concept of building online worlds where the only limit is their imagination. One way to get the most out of Minecraft, and turn it into a positive educational experience for your children is to book them into a Minecraft camp. Held in school holidays and on occasional weekends throughout the year, we share some further details on the what, why and where of Minecraft camps in Brisbane.

What is Minecraft Camp?

Minecraft Camps in Brisbane offer players and their families online Minecraft gaming security and support. The camps are generally aimed at children aged 5 to 14, though this varies according to how technical the class is designed to be. Class sizes are usually capped to ensure appropriate supervision and are highly organised; with high behavioural expectations from participants.

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What are the benefits of Minecraft Camp?

Minecraft camps provide a wonderful haven for children to find new friends and to interact with others over shared love of online gaming. Camp may be of extra value for children who experience difficulties connecting with others and who don’t make friends easily. Minecraft camps in Brisbane feature a strong emphasis on each participant building leadership skills that will continue to benefit even after their attendance at camp is complete. The camps provide children with the Minecraft support and feedback that they may otherwise struggle to find when playing from home, with staff on hand to offer immediate assistance when needed.

What happens at Minecraft Camp?

At Minecraft camp, children are supported to develop their skills within their own Minecraft world, but they also have breaks throughout the day and have the opportunity to participate in competitions, quests and mini-lessons. Each of these aspects is guided and facilitated by the camp leaders. All Minecraft activity occurs on a secure server and is strictly supervised at all times.

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Where and when is Minecraft Camp held in Brisbane?

Minecraft camp is held in a variety of locations in Brisbane, though camps are also available for those who live in regional and remote areas of Queensland. Each camp can be experienced as a stand-alone day, as a series of days within school holidays, or over a weekend. These are not overnight camps, so children are required to be dropped off in the morning and picked up the afternoon each day, as well as supplied with lunch and snacks for the day.

How to book

There are a number of organisations hosting Minecraft camps in Brisbane, including –

Your local Council Library – Local libraries often hold Minecraft workshops in school holiday periods. Find your local council libraries here, and take a look at their events calendar in the lead up to school holidays to find an event nearby. Bookings are usually required.

Buddyverse Minecraft camps BuddyVerse Minecraft Camps are heaven for most 7 to 14 year olds. Played on a custom server, they participate in challenges/quests in the same ‘world’ various locations https://www.facebook.com/MinecraftCamps/

Eventbrite Head to Eventbrite and search under Brisbane and Minecraft- often small pop up events are run through local schools and startup locations across Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast

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If your eyes glaze over at the mention of Minecraft, and you have no idea what is all about, then you’ll want to check out our Ultimate Guide to Minecraft for Parents! Brisbane Kid Ben (aged 7 years) has also written this great guide to How To Play Minecraft for those just starting out.

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