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10 maths app for kids

Mention the word “maths” and you are usually greeted with an array of groans and fake yawns.  Most kids (and let’s be honest – adults too) find the idea of teaching or learning maths tiresome but there are actually some fun apps out there that will have your kids learning the basic skills whilst having fun at the same time.  That’s right, fun!  There are literally hundreds to choose from too and for less than a few dollars (sometimes even free) there are ones to cater for all ages and levels of ability.

Below are 10 math-centred apps that are fun, educational and perfect for little Brisbane kids to learn from.

Mystery Math Town – $1.99

Math town app

One of the best math apps out there and perfect for anyone with kids aged from 6-12 years old.  In Mystery Math Town your child plays the role of a little ghost whose fireflies have all been stolen and put in glass jars in different houses around a creepy town.  Their job is to go to each mansion in the town and find the fireflies but they can only access the many locked doors, ladders and outdoor spaces by completing an equation for entry.  As they move throughout the spaces they collect numbers (you can only store 8 at a time) to help with future equations and they may need to dump some to collect others.  In this way children need to push their strategic and critical thinking.  With many more features, great music and different levels of skills to choose from this one is hard to beat.

Mystery Math Museum – $2.99

math museum app

A sequel to Mystery Math Town, in this app your child once again plays a ghost out to collect their fireflies but instead of exploring mansions they are exploring themed museums!  Each themed museum has various realistic and relevant exhibit rooms and the interactive items make fun sounds when tapped or touched.  Like MMT, instead of providing an equation like 4 + 4 and asking for the answer, the answer is actually provided and children must find numbers that would give that result from ones they have collected along the way.  This is an impressive sequel and one that your kids will love!

Kids Money – Free

kids money app

This app is perfect for budding bankers who are keen to work out how best to spend their pocket money.  A practical application for learning maths, kids compile a list of their wanted items and make a note of how much each one costs.  They can then enter their weekly allowance and determine when they will have enough of it saved up to get what they would like.  The best part is – this app is FREE!

Mathly Hollows – $1.99

mathly hollows app

This app is good for kids a little older (ages 6 or 7) and is in the form of a fun monsters game that will keep the kids hooked on learning.  Monsters are attacking Mathly Hollows and your little whiz must defend it by using maths skills to work towards the Master Wizard of Math title.  Rewards of powerful friends and pet monsters can be won along the way and as this app addresses curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards in math it’s a definite winner!

Park Math – $1.99

park math app

This is an adorable app that is easy to navigate and fun for young kids ready to learn some basic maths.  Learn to count to 50, add, subtract, sort and much more with seven engaging games designed to get little minds thinking.  Learn to subtract as apples fall from a tree , balance a see-saw by adding and subtracting mice or put cute little dogs in order from smallest to largest – plus so much more!

Counting Caterpillar – $1.99

Counting Caterpillar app

This basic but beautifully designed app with stunning graphics will see your kids feeding caterpillars by counting and catching insects in the correct number sequence.  In the process they will earn butterflies that they can display in a gallery and with over 45 levels to play this is well worth the small purchase price.

Monkey Math – Jetpack Adventure – Free

Monkey math app

Discover the world where numbers rule!  In this fun app your child will help a monkey avoid obstacles, shoot at enemies with bananas and collect coins – all by solving simple math equations quickly!  Practice addition, division, subtraction and multiplication in 40 different levels.

Mathmateer – Free

Mathmateer app

In this app kids are able to build rocket ships using parts that cost money and send it into space on different missions.  To earn money to build their rockets kids need to solve maths problems – choosing from addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.   Once they have built their rocket (and they can save different models) they can launch them on different missions.  By tilting the screen to direct their rocket kids then tap on certain numbers or equations in space that suit the mission goal.  Kids are then awarded medals if they achieve certain goals within their mission.

Math Bingo – $0.99

Math Bingo app

The aim of the game in this app is for children to get a row of five bugs on a bingo card by answering equations correctly.  The game is timed with the fastest score going to the top.  Children are rewarded with top scores by getting a Bingo Bug which they can interact with by tapping and tilting the screen.  Kids can also have fun competing against other players for the top spot as it is recorded.

Itooch Middle School – Free

itooch middle school app

This app actually has both a language and math function so you would be getting two for one when you download this.  Designed for the 6th – 8th grade it covers numbers and operations, algebraic structures, data analysis, graphs and geometry.   In the maths section students are given blackboard space (accessible via a pen tool) to show work for calculations and a calculator tool is offered as well.  You can get detailed help information on how to solve problems and timed test sessions are available for each activity as well.

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