Mater’s care continues for mothers and babies

Every day, precious new life begins, and another journey starts; the journey of ‘family’, with all its joy and wonder. Mater Mothers’ Hospitals have shared this miracle many times over and we are committed to providing the very best maternal health care, welcoming each baby into the world with love and support. The caring continues with Mater Mothers.

Now, Mater Mothers is continuing this exceptional care and expertise from the hospital into your home. With a new baby, life is a whole new universe that we’d like to help you explore.

To ensure the best start for mothers and babies, we’ve developed a range of maternity and baby care products co-created by Mater midwives and mums. Safe, trustworthy, affordable products that offer quality, and meet the standards required to be endorsed by Mater Mothers’ Hospitals, with proceeds supporting Mater Little Miracles.

What do Mater maternity and baby care products have to offer you? As an expectant mum, your skin will have undergone a bit of stress and stretching in the past few months to make extra room for your little bundle of joy. Mater midwives, together with Mater mums have developed Mater Body Balm for pregnancy to promote softness and elasticity and help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

The next addition to the Mater maternity and baby care product range includes Mater Baby Wash and Mater Baby Moisturiser. Now we’ve got the whole family covered to keep them happy.

Mater Baby Wash is specifically developed for newborn baby’s skin. It is a lightly foaming cleanser developed for daily use on baby’s skin and scalp. The gentle tear-free formula helps to keep baby’s skin soft and protected by retaining the skin’s natural oils and moisture. Best of all, Mater Baby Wash is suitable for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Mater Baby Moisturiser is also specifically developed for newborn baby’s skin. It is an extra mild lotion to soothe and condition baby’s delicate skin and provides long lasting protection from dryness to keep baby’s skin smooth.



Olivia Wright, Mater mum and product co-creator said she really enjoyed trialing the baby wash.

“My baby had fun with all the bubbles and I enjoyed the lovely fragrance and the way it left his skin, soft and silky.  He also really enjoyed the baby moisturiser because we used it for massage as well as a moisturiser—it lasted overnight as well as into the next day. Mater’s product range is specially developed by Mater midwives and mums and is backed by years of research and development. As Australia’s largest provider of maternity care, the Mater maternity and baby care product range is a hospital brand that can be trusted by mums and families.

The Mater product range will also include nappies, baby wipes and nappy balm.

Proceeds from Mater products support Mater Little Miracles to help support specialist life-saving care for seriously ill and premature babies at Mater.

Mater Products are available from Mater Pharmacies, Mater Florists, online via and selected Terry White Chemists stores.

With Mater Mothers, the caring continues every day.


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