Making Paper Planes – 5 Simple & Awesome DIY Websites

Making paper planes can be one of the cheapest activities for entertaining the kids. After the Summer 2014/2015 school holiday release of the Aussie Movie ‘Paper Planes’, this hobby is more popular than ever across Brisbane households. Suitable for both outdoor play and supervised indoor play, it can be a great wet weather activity or simply a fun way to spend time getting creative. Generally all you need is some sheets of paper and away you go. Below are a list of paper plane making websites and resources to provide hours of fun.

Fun Paper Airplanes

Fun Paper Airplanes is a website that offers free printable downloads of various paper plane styles. The styles range from basic designs, intermediate, to advanced and even has a couple of novelty designs to try out if you are game. The best part (other than the printable guidelines) is the tutorial videos for each design showing you how to construct them, which is perfect for the paper plane amateur and kids alike.

Alex’s Paper Planes

Alex’s Paper Planes goes beyond the simple paper plane designs, with a variety of other flying paper shapes as well. While also offering tutorial videos for each plane and object design, they are created on any suitable paper you have on hand, which gives you a bit of extra creative flexibility using different colours or paper types.


10 Paper Airplanes

Do not let the name fool you as there are far more than 10 plane designs on the 10 Paper Airplanes website! If the videos found elsewhere seem to go a little too quick to keep up with, this website is perfect for you, as it instead offers step by step images and mini clips for each plane to allow you to create at your own pace – much easier than having to continually stop a video. They offer a range of the most popular planes, and a few of the more unique designs, offering a difficulty rating and a flying range for each design.

Ken Blackburn’s Paper Planes

If you want to give the kids a little extra excitement in their paper plane creating, Ken Blackburn’s Paper Planes should be top of your list of sites to visit. Ken Blackburn is a Guinness World Records holder for paper airplane throwing. On the website are his record winning basic design and tutorial, however he also has a section that includes reader plane submissions. There is the opportunity to view his record wining throw and learn more about paper planes in the process.

Paper Planes HQ

Paper Planes HQ offers 5 alternate versions of each of their 10 main plane styles. Included is both an instructional video, as well as step by step instructions with images so you can have the best of both worlds.

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