Making Mindful Magic by Lea McKnoulty

Making Mindful Magic book

Making Mindful Magic is a picture book for children, especially designed for parents and teachers to share the mindfulness experience with children. A former early childhood teacher, the book’s author and illustrator, Lea McKnoulty, had noticed that it was difficult to find children’s books on the topic of mindfulness in stores.

Making Mindful Magic book

In this one-of-a-kind book, the mindfulness theme is subtly presented to children through a series of experiences that are technology free and mostly set in nature. The book helps children and adults alike dabble in mindfulness practices with a great sense of fun and exploration, without any heavy explanation of the topic itself.

Written in gentle non-rhyming verse, the mindful activities are illustrated with beautiful, bright pastel drawings that bring a sense of calm and warmth, well-suited to the theme.

Making Mindful Magic book

Making Mindful Magic is a book for doing and would be a great addition to any family who are looking to encourage their children (and themselves) to be more mindful and less stressed in day-to-day life. In the ‘Take As Long As You Can’ experience, for example, children are invited to do an activity as slowly as they can so they can experience really focusing on one thing rather than engaging in many things at once. Take note multi-tasking mums and dads – going slow is the theme here!

The book is targeted at children aged four to ten but is suitable for any aged child depending on parental involvement. An older child can independently read it themselves whilst a very young child will enjoy the pictures and rhythm of the language as it is read aloud to them. At the end of the book there’s a detailed glossary guide that helps parents and teachers get the best use from the book and the experiences detailed within.

Making Mindful Magic book

The author notes on the first page of the book that this is a tool to use every day, every few days or once a week – the idea being to choose an activity to bring mindfulness into your life on a regular basis. We couldn’t agree more, that this is a book you’ll enjoy sharing with the children in your life over and over again!

Making Mindful Magic written and illustrated by Lea McKnoulty is available to purchase at as well as select independent book stores and gift stores.

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