How to Make Magic Reindeer Food

Magic food for reindeers

Christmas is a pretty magical time of the year for little minds that are brimming with excitement and imagination. Kids are eager to embrace the idea of Santa and his reindeer coming to deliver their presents, and everyone enjoys leaving out milk and a mince pie for Santa, and a carrot for Rudolph. This year, we have an even more exciting idea to try, to help keep the wonderful magic of Christmas alive for your little ones!

Just follow this simple recipe to make magic reindeer food, then sprinkle it outside on Christmas Eve to help Santa’s reindeer find your home (and give them a tasty treat too)! This makes a great idea for a fun new Christmas tradition, or even a thoughtful and exciting gift for others!

Rolled oats and measuring cup

Recipe for Magic Reindeer Food


  • 50g (1/2 cup) rolled oats
  • Several pinches of red edible glitter / red sugar crystals
  • Several pinches of green edible glitter / green sugar crystals

Oats and jar


This is an easy, no-cook recipe that is ideal for the kids to help make! Just follow the simple steps below.

  1. Roughly measure the rolled oats and pour into a mixing bowl. You can multiply the measurements by how many people you are making the reindeer food for.
  2. Add the pinches of edible glitter or sugar crystals. These can be bought from most cake decorating departments and places like Spotlight. If you want to make your own edible glitter, head to for a really simple recipe using just sugar and food colouring.
  3. Mix it all together and put it in a container. You can use a simple snap seal bag, or if it’s for a present, you can present it in a nice jar. You could even add a ‘Magic Reindeer food’ label to make it extra special.

FREE Printable Poem

The next step is to print out this free printable reindeer poem. Just click here for your copy! Then add this with your magic reindeer food to complete the gift.

Poem for magical reindeer food

Make the magic happen

On Christmas Eve, before bed, head out in the dark to your yard or outside area. Read the reindeer poem aloud, then sprinkle the magic reindeer food all around. If the moon isn’t bright, remember to take a torch too, so everyone can see the magical twinkly food that the reindeer will be able to spot from the sky to know where to go with their sleighful of presents!

It’s a lovely way to get kids involved and excited, and a fun new idea to add to your family Christmas traditions!

For other fun Christmas craft ideas, check out our ideas for Christmas Fun at Home. You may also like our post with 60 Christmas Traditions, and our ultimate Brisbane Kids Guide to Christmas. Have a very happy and magical Christmas!

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