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Watch them grow

At Majella Long Day Care + Kindergarten, their aim is to help your child grow and blossom. The early years of education and care are the foundation for every child’s future. They see these years as an opportunity to instil in children a love of learning and self-discovery that will continue to develop through their further education. In this way, they share the aspirations of all families to watch their children grow.

They care for children from six weeks of age and offer a Queensland Government approved kindergarten program for children in the year before prep. Their kindergarten program is taught by a university qualified early childhood teacher and focuses on teaching your child foundational literacy, numeracy and science skills. They offer nutritious, age-specific meals for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, prepared on site by their cook and approved by Nutrition Australia.

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Watch them grow creatively

Children use creativity and curiosity as tools to explore and learn about the world. Their educators provide an environment that captures their imagination and encourages children to express themselves.

Does your child have a dramatic flare? In their dramatic play spaces or ‘home corners’ children can take on a new role every day with their friends by running a shop, a doctor’s surgery or a mechanics garage.

Does your child love to paint and draw? In their centre resources are all kept at children’s height and in their art spaces these resources have been carefully selected to trigger exploration. With leaves, pipe cleaners, playdough and many other resources your child will be able to explore their creativity in new ways everyday.

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Watch them grow individually

Children have a lot in common, but it’s the sparks of individuality that often shine a light on how they learn and how educators can best help them grow. Their educators are committed to getting to know your child and family so they can create programs which reflect your child’s talents and interests and help them develop new skills.

Does your child have a special interest or hobby? Their educators will look for ways to incorporate this in their programs during outdoor play, in their home corner or craft spaces or by encouraging them to share it with their friends during show and share.

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