Things To Do With Kids At Mount Tamborine

mt tamborine rainforest

Everybody needs a little time away and heading to Mount Tamborine is the perfect escape for Brisbane families. Finding things to do with kids at Tamborine Mountain before you go will ensure a lovely peaceful escape too.

Mount Tamborine, whose lush, green peak is positioned snugly between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, is one of the absolute gems in Brisbane’s little pocket of goodness.  Whilst in no way a secret to the many people who already adore it there are so many wonderful little spots, parks, tracks and waterfalls here to be discovered that even the regulars love to explore time and time again.  There is also the shopping, the wineries, the eateries, the markets….the list is endless.

Whether your aim is to laze with a picnic beneath sun-filtered tree canopies, cool off with a swim in crystal clear pools, get active and explore the many glorious tracks (at whatever pace suits you best) or immerse yourself in a world of lush green rainforest – there is seriously something for everyone here and it is all and everything that time away requires.  Below is a list of all the great reasons to head there when you next need a small break.

The Winding Drive Up Mount Tamborine

A small, low convertible with its top down would be most ideal – but as most families need a small people mover instead to get around maybe just settle for checking out the amazing rainforest through your open windows instead.  The winding drive up the mountain with sunlight sprinkling down though dense forest crowding in from either side of the road is a simple highlight in itself and for many people choosing to do just that, picnic at the top and then head on home is all they need to give their heart and mind a lift.

Cedar Creek Rock Pools

The breathtaking Cedar Creek Rock Pools section of the park is easily reached via Tamborine Mountain Road, with the turn-off to “Cedar Creek Falls Road” being just past the information map stopping bay on the left.   Just beyond the carpark you will find beautiful picnic spots, a lookout, a sealed walking track beneath lush tropical rainforest filled with Strangler Figs and towering Cedar trees and of course the crystal clear, delightful cedar creek rock pools and waterfalls.  The water that flows into the falls is fresh and runs all year round.

Cedar Creek Rock Pools

Tamborine Glow Worm Caves

What child doesn’t love something that glows or sparkles?  Even better if it is a tiny little bug who, along with thousands of his other bug mates can be found within a darkened, dripping cave tucked away at the end of a rainforest walkway.  Although only a small tour and area the kids will love being guided into the replica limestone world complete with stalagmites, stalactites and water features.   A short video on the hero bugs in question is played and then (the best part) kids get to put on their glow-in-the-dark necklaces and head into the pitch black, watery cave that is home to thousands of these little insects.  All kids love cubbies and caves and this is just a bigger version with a rooftop coating of living fairy lights to boost!  Expect lots of excitement as little eyes adjust to the darkness and many more ooohs and aahs as they learn about their new glowing friends.  Tours are conducted daily between 10am – 4pm and are available to tour groups by arrangement.

glow worm caves mount tamborine


For a more tranquil experience, you can spend a few hours high in the rainforest canopies thanks to the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk.  Your journey begins at the Eco Gallery where you are introduced to the local flora and fauna and given information on what you should look out for.  From here you follow an elevated walkway that gradually ascends from the middle to the upper canopies before gradually heading back down to the lower canopy.  There is plenty to look at along the way including pristine rock pools and butterfly lookouts but the real highlight comes as you reach the breathtaking 40 metre long span Cantilever which hovers 30 metres above the valley. The views from here are truly breathtaking. This pram-friendly walk only takes about an hour but make sure you bring comfortable shoes.  Family tickets start at $44.00 with kids under 6 free!

The Shopping!

Sure Mount Tamborine has much to offer in natural landscapes and scenery but it also caters for those who love to shop as well!  The Gallery Walk is the main street and boasts over 70 art, craft, gift and knick-knack shops that are a delight to wander through slowly even if your purse is feeling lighter than usual.

Be sure to check out the German Cuckoo Clock Nest which is just as popular for its amazing range of cuckoo (and all sorts of) clocks as it is for its very German-looking exterior.  There is an abundance of great shops that are worth checking out which are located on the Gallery Walk West and the Gallery Walk East.

gallery walk mount tamborine


The Local Producers Market is on every Sunday morning from 7am – noon n in the “Green Shed” at the Tamborine Mountain Showgrounds.  The Country Markets are on every second Sunday of the month also at the Tamborine Mountain Showgrounds and the School Ground Markets are on every last Sunday of the month at the corner of Long Road and Curtis Road in Eagle Heights.

Farm Fresh Produce is also available every Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8am at the Bingunyah Community Gardens, just past the lower roundabout of Gallery Walk.

Food and Drink

Although a blanket thrown casually on one of the many green hillsides with a picnic hamper nearby is a clear favourite there are plenty of great food places to try out as well.  Along with an array of restaurants on the Gallery Walk and scattered around the mountain there are also some specialities that you should time to visit if possible.

If you have a sweet tooth be sure to get a sample (or buy a whole bag) from Fudge Heaven.  Kids will love it and they also have an adults only range.  With over 40 to try and free tastings every day you would be crazy not to stop in and say hi.

Another popular tourist stop is the Witches Chase Cheese Co.   If you love your cheese then this is where you want to be but there is also yogurt and ice-cream on sale here as well.

The Tamborine Mountain Distillery may be Australia’s smallest operating Pot Still Distillery but it is world renown and attracts visitors from all over to its counters. With the mountain’s abundance of fruit fermented and distilled on site, Michael and Alla Ward have established an enviable reputation as creators of high-quality liqueurs, vodkas, schnapps and eaux-de-vie.

You may also want to visit one of the breweries on the mountain.  MT Brewery and The Bearded Dragon both offer beer tasting tours and the opportunity to relax in the sun with a cool ale as the sun goes down.

Mount Tamborine is also famous for its many wineries that are scattered around the mountain.  Many groups make a day of it on wine tasting tours or you may wish to visit just one or two of your favourites.

Art Galleries

Mt Tamborine is home to many talented artists and sculptors and it’s not hard to see why with such beautiful scenery and landscapes offering unlimited inspiration for their creativity.  Many of the locals display their work at the local galleries – of which there is a huge range to choose from.  Art and craft classes are also on offer too for those looking to create some masterpieces of their own.

Tamborine Mountain Botanical Gardens

Nestled in a valley and covering 11 hectares, the Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens is often referred to as a jewel in the crown of the Scenic Rim and has specimen collections from all over the world.  There are 10 contemplative sites that allow an ambient rest for visitors and a Japanese garden with it bridge and pond to admire.  Various pathways and a boardwalk through the palm grove entice quiet walks or strolls and are all accessible by prams and wheelchairs as well.

Thunderbird Park

Thunderbird park offers an onsite adventure escape with both camping and dorm style accommodation available.  Along with all the natural scenery and rock pools there to explore, the park has many other facilities that cater for all ages and interests.  There is laser skirmish in the jungle, the Adventure Parc ropes course challenge, horse and pony trail rides, mini golf, basketball and tennis half courts, a salt water resort pool and also a chance to find treasure-filled thundereggs formed when dinosaurs roamed the earth!  There is also a fully equipped kitchen, outdoor BBQ area and the Rainforest Restaurant and Lounge Bar on site which makes this a big hit with adventurous families and school groups.

Outdoor things to do with Kids at Mount Tamborine

Mount Tamborine is a nature-lovers wonderland with rainforest walks and trails scattered all over the mountain.  They wind beneath rainforest canopies along dappled paths and moss-covered boulders with wildlife and waterfalls a-plenty to discover.

Below are some of the main tracks you can explore during your next visit and a trail map.

Witches Falls is a popular track and is housed in Queensland’s first National Park, “Witches Falls National Park”.  Access is via the Main Western Road and the track zigzags beneath towering rainforest, down the steep mountainside and along seasonal lagoons before you reach the falls.  Something to note is that the falls only flow after recent rain and can be viewed via a small detour from the circuit to a lookout platform.

Curtis Falls, located in the heart of the mountain, is the only falls that can be viewed from the base and is fed by Cedar Creek so its falls run all year round.  Below are the main tracks you can explore during your next visit.

Cameron Falls can be reached after an extremely beautiful and serene 30 minute walk starting from the Knoll Road Lookout.  This lookout is breathtaking in itself with a gorgeous picnic tabled spot that is well worth a visit.  The Sandy Creek Track is simply stunning walk that makes up part of the track that leads to Cameron Falls.  Moss-covered boulders, fern-blanketed pathways and crystal clear creeks are just some of the sights to behold on the way.  A secure concrete bridge crosses Sandy Creek, a viewing platform a few metres to the west offering great views inland as well as on to Cameron Falls to the east.  The circuit is about 2.5kms and there are steps, but I would call it only moderately strenuous.

tamborine mountain walking track


It seems that whichever way you turn you are greeted with inspiring and wondrous views on the mountain.  To make the most of these spectacular outlooks though and to gain the best vantage points there are a number of lookouts scattered around the mountain that are well worth a visit.

One of the most popular is the Hang Gliders which is along the Main Western Road.  This spot offers uninterrupted views and comes alive with energetic hang gliders who use this cleared mountain section as a launch site on a good day.  A great spot to take a picnic and watch the festivities!

Another one worth mentioning is the Rotary Lookout on the same road but directly opposite the Bavarian Grill Haus Restaurant.  This lookout even comes equipped with benches and binoculars!

mt tamborine views

There are so many amazing things to see, places to visit and adventures to be had on Mount Tamborine that one visit alone is never enough.  No matter how often you are able to make the small trip though always remember when you are there to stop, relax, breathe and allow yourself to fully be rejuvinated completely by the magic that is our very own Tamborine Mountain.

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