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Please note: This event is now finished.

Just in time for the summer school holidays, an incredible new permanent exhibit opened at the Queensland Museum, South Bank on Friday 13th December 2013. Lost Creatures uncovers the most recent palaeontology discoveries in Queensland, allowing visitors the most up-close experience with local dinosaurs, giant marine animal and megafauna to date.

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Stories from Ancient Queensland

Both awe-inspiring and educational, Lost Creatures charts the existence of dinosaurs in Queensland. Displaying more than 100 fossils that are up to 245 million years old, visitors follow a path through the exhibition to discover Queensland dinosaurs like the Muttaburrasaurus and the Minmi, megafauna like the Diprotodon and giant reptiles like the over six metre long Megalania. Putting these Lost Creatures into perspective, life size 3D projections, full size skeletal replicas and actual fossils demonstrate just how substantial the ancient inhabitants of Australia really were.

Queensland Museum

A Hands-on Experience

Technology has been utilised throughout Lost Creatures, allowing visitors to explore the animals on display through the use of touch-screens and projections. Each display features a fully interactive touch-screen and the ability to view dinosaurs, megafauna and giant marine animals from all angles; sometimes even from the inside! Visitors will be wowed by an over two metre tall life-size reconstruction of the Rhoetosaurus hind leg and dumbstruck by the close to 100 square metres of Lark Quarry fossilised footprints of a dinosaur stampede that occurred hundreds of millions of years ago. It really is incredible to see these things up close and to know that these Lost Creatures roamed the land in which we now live.

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Travel through Time at Lost Creatures

14 months in the making (an amazingly short space of time for such a display), Lost Creatures is the most up to date exhibition of its kind and will be continuously updated as new local palaeontology discoveries are made. A great deal of consideration has been put into the layout of the exhibition to give visitors a sense of travelling through the age of dinosaurs. The specially designed carpet adds to this experience by visually dividing the space by ‘extinction events’ that occurred throughout this prehistoric period. Additionally, custom display cabinets have been created that allow visitors an unobscured and up-close view of the fossils on show.

Queensland Museum

Who does this exhibition appeal to?

Lost Creatures will appeal to all museum visitors; both the young and the not-so-young. The interactive table, featuring fossils and other tactile experiences offer a truly hands-on experience for Brisbane Kids. The adjacent projection screen allows visitors to put themselves next to life size three-dimensional dinosaurs—fun for kids and adults! The touch screens throughout the exhibition are at a height best suited to those of primary school age and above, however they would be enjoyed in different ways by different age groups, even toddlers.

Queensland Museum

Special needs considerations

All aspects of the Queensland Museum and Sciencentre are accessible by wheelchair or pram, with lifts giving access from the carparks to the Queensland Museum. Wheelchair accessible toilets are located within the Queensland Museum. Space for wheelchairs and prams is set aside at all of the public programs, including lectures, workshops, shows and activities.

The Lost Creatures permanent exhibit is situated on the 2nd floor (entry level) of the Queensland Museum and Sciencentre building at South Bank. The Queensland Museum is open daily from 9:30am to 5pm (closed Good Friday, Anzac Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day). Admission to the Queensland Museum is free.

Please visit www.southbank.qm.qld.gov.au for more information.

Brisbane Kids Scavenger Hunts

Brisbane Kids, in partnership with the Queensland Museum & Sciencentre, is proud to announce the introduction of Museum Scavenger Hunts for Kids; beginning with the wonderful Lost Creatures Exhibition now showing.

This is wonderful opportunity to head along to the Museum and learn about all the recent dinosaur discoveries in addition to taking along your very own Dinosaur Hunters. Your kids are going to LOVE this!

To find out how our Scavenger Hunts work and to download our fist scavenger hunt sheet, click here.

If you’d like to know more about the other aspects of the Queensland Museum, take a look at our review here.


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