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Easter craft

A sweet treat to play with first

Here is an Easter craft you can do that is not only an adorable and fun little character for your kids to play with but one they can eat when they are finished with it too!

You will need:

How to make Easter craft

  • A bag of lollipops
  • 2 x white pipe cleaners for ears
  • A bag of craft googly eyes
  • Small white wooden or metal hearts for feet
  • Polystyrene balls for head (just smaller in size then the lollipop)
  • Pom Pom balls in three sizes (largest for tail, slightly smaller for hands and smallest for the cheeks and nose)
  • Fine black permanent marker
  • Hot glue gun
  • Thin ribbon for bows

How to Make Your Lollipop Bunny Easter Craft

Step 1


Thread the polystyrene ball onto the stick of the lollipop until the two are firmly pushed together.

Step 2


Bend the two small pipe cleaners into the shape of two ears and one at a time push these into the top of the polystyrene ball on either side of the lollipop stick. They should fix in easily.  Hint: You may need to test with the size of the ear you want and cut the pipe cleaners if necessary before fixing it on.

Step 3


Glue on your bunny’s eyes, nose and cheeks (the smallest pom balls you can find work best for these).

Step 4


Tie a small bow at the top of the polystyrene head around the stick.  Hint: If you are doing a girl bunny it is cute in this position.  For a boy bunny putting the bow around the neck instead looks like a bow tie.

Step 5


Glue the middle-sized poms onto the lollipop for the bunny’s hands.

Step 6


Get your marker pen and on the white heart draw some small black lines and two small circles as per the picture above.  Glue your lollipop bunny to the heart-shaped bunny feet.  Hold it firmly until the glue sets and your little bunny should now be able to stand up!!!

Step 7


Turn your little bunny around and on the back glue the largest pom on as the tail.  And just like that – your gorgeous little bunny lollipop is done!!!

Although this Easter craft is a little fiddly for very small kids to do themselves, my two (aged 4 and 2) delighted in watching me put these together.  We made a whole little family experimenting with different lollipop and ball shapes to make adult and kid ones as well as different colours too!  If you prefer chocolate to lollies then you can easily use a chocolate for the body that is wrapped instead of the lollipop (and in this case you will need to actually glue the head and ears on).


My girls LOVE these bunnies.  We made these a couple of weeks ago now and they still refuse to eat them!  They only want to play with them.  These are a great idea to add to DIY Paper Easter Baskets that are guaranteed to put a smile on your little Brisbane Kid’s face!

Easter Craft

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