Lockrose Street Park in Mitchelton | Fenced and sheltered playground

There are so many positive aspects to Lockrose Street Park; an awesome fenced and shaded playground that is great for younger Brisbane Kids, water with ducks and lots of grassy space.

Lockrose Street Park – The Fun

Lockrose Street Park in Mitchelton is just fantastic. Not only is it fully fenced, but it has large shade structures protecting the playground from the sun. The play equipment includes a climbing fort, slide, swings and rockers. There is a little path through the fenced play area that features signs such as ‘Give Way’, ‘Duck Crossing’ and ‘Rest Area’. There’s even a mini petrol station for refilling those petrol tanks. Some bench seating is situated within the fenced area, however outside of this area is a picnic shelter with table, lots of open grassy spaces and a larger bike path. There is also a waterway next to the bikepath with a resident family of ducks.

Imagination Factor

The mini bike path within the fenced playground at Lockrose Street Park is perfect for little Brisbane Kids just gaining their riding and scootering skills; playing at being drivers. The fort provides an awesome opportunity for kids to view their surroundings from above, whooshing down the ‘hill’ when they’re ready to play shops in the area below.

Special Needs

Unfortunately, Lockrose Street Park does not have toilet facilities. The playground is fully fenced and includes bench seating within the fenced area. Shade sails protect the entire fenced playground from the sun (see note below). The fort in the playground has been enclosed with mesh to prevent any falls from up high. The park has bench seating, one picnic shelter with a table and grassy open spaces. There is a waterway within the park, so vigilance with children outside of the fenced playground is required.

Lockrose Street Park – The Facts

  • Fenced playground
  • Shade structures over play equipment
  • Bark base
  • Rockers
  • Climbing fort
  • Slide
  • Infant swing
  • Swing
  • Climbing web
  • Bike path
  • Ducks
  • Large flat grassy spaces
  • Large shady trees outside of fenced area
  • Bench seating inside fenced area and outside fenced area
  • Street parking (cul-de-sac)

Another fantastic nearby Brisbane Playground is Leslie Patrick Park.

Lockrose Street Park is located on Lockrose Street in Mitchelton.

This park review was updated in 2016.

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