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Located next to Newport’s man-made lake is a fantastic nautical-themed Brisbane playground identified as Spinnaker Park but more affectionately recognised as Livvi’s Place. Easily spotted, the tall sail structure of this incredible playground is visible well before you arrive at the playground with ample play equipment to entertain kids of all ages.

Livvis Place Playground

With a playground of such immense size, there is a lot for little eyes to take in and so much for them to do. The stand-out feature is the sail-shaped climbing tower with its cargo netting ladders and slides offering a birds-eye view of all the action below.

Once your Brisbane Kid ascends the rope ladder there are two metal slides to choose from, the super-fast one at the top, or the slightly slower one from the middle level.

Underneath the sail are two hammocks for the little sailors to have a rest after all that climbing and sliding. Next to the tower is an intricate ropes area where kids can climb from one end of the cargo netting to the other.

Surrounding the sail are a few smaller play forts for suitable for all ages. A small pre-schooler fort replicates the nautical theme with port windows, small sail and cargo netting. It too has a small metal slide.

smaller metal slide

Adjacent to this is a timber structure which is close to the ground and suitable for toddlers to explore independently. It also has sand scoops, and three sand play tables; which are always popular with all ages. 

sand play at brisbane playground

There is a strong emphasis on balancing, scrambling, sliding and very active and challenging play throughout the playground. Kids have ample opportunity to practice balancing on the rubberised balancing steps and mounds as they step, leap and jump from one to the other. They can test their climbing skills on the cargo netting or haul themselves up the rope on the slope on the hill.

Swings are a must for any good park. At Livvi’s Place Newport you’ll find two regular swings, two toddler swings, a basket swing and a log style rope swing. Next to the swings is a roundabout which is flush to the ground.

newport swing

Outside the fencing is a water fountain are where children can splash and run through. From here there is access to the lake via stairs. Swimming in the lake is not permitted.

Livvi's Place, Spinnaker Park, water play

Imagination Factor

Brisbane Kids don’t need to look far for inspiration, they could be sailors attempting to cross the seven seas; scale to new heights as they pretend to adjust the rigging on their yacht. Or perhaps they simply want to take a rest below deck as others guide their yacht to safety. Perhaps the small wooden boat is sailing across a peaceful lake, rowing across the water to a small island. The sand base lends itself well to digging for treasure or using it as a construction worker with the sand scoop.

boat themed playground


As part of a series of playgrounds designed to be inclusive for all children, Newport Waterside Park is a designated Livvi’s Place playground. This is an initiative by The Stockland Care Foundation and the Touched By Olivia Foundation which creates inclusive playspaces for all to ensure all children can play. Unlike any play space we’ve seen, there is a wheelchair suitable ramp from the ground level, up to the middle level of the tower.

From here younger children and those with limited movement can access two plastic tunnel slides, and also get a great view of the action below. The roundabout is flush with the ground and has rails which may be suitable for wheelchairs. The toilets, carpark, sheltered seating and a water fountain are connected by concrete paths.

Owing to the size and scope of the playground it is hard to keep an eye on multiple children, however, the playground is fully fenced. It is also partially shaded but in the warmer months, it would be best to visit in the morning or late afternoon.

For the caregivers, there are only two sheltered table and chairs but there are sandstone blocks and seating around the playspace. Outside the fence line is a reasonably sized green space area for a morning or afternoon picnic.

Spinnaker Park (Livvi’s Place) features

  • Large sail-shaped climbing fort
  • Smaller fort for pre-schoolers
  • Smaller fort for toddlers
  • Wooden boat
  • Three metal slides
  • Two plastic slides
  • Cargo netting
  • Balancing mounds
  • Sand scoops and sand play tables
  • Swings – two regular, two toddler, one basket, one log swing
  • Roundabout
  • Water fountain – kids can run through
  • Sand and rubber base
  • Fully fenced
  • Partially shaded with shade cloth
  • Small off-street car park
  • BBQs
  • Sheltered table and chairs – limited
  • Toilets
  • Water bubbler

Livvi’s Place is located on the corner of Lakeview Promenade and Quay Circuit in Newport.

While in the area, why not stop at Morgan’s Seafood for a fish and chip lunch or pack the bikes and scooters and head for the Scarborough foreshore.

Center map

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