Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten in Murrumba Downs

Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten is a two room Kindergarten specialising in care for children the year before they commence Prep. The kindy is located on site at Living Faith Lutheran Primary school. Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten has strong connections with the school, with the children being involved in school activities and functions, as well as attending the school library each week; ensuring a smoother transition for the children into their formal schooling.

Long day care kindergarten in Murrumba Downs

Living Faith Lutheran Kindy

The Kindergarten is run in a long day care model, with opening hours being from 6.30am to 6.00pm, 50 weeks per year. Both rooms are staffed with a qualified Early Childhood Teacher and two educators. 22 children are enrolled in each class.

The Christian ethos

Living Faith Lutheran Kindy collage

At Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten, all children are seen as unique and special creations of God. The centre’s Christian ethos is expressed through the culture of the Kindergarten, all teaching and learning experiences, pastoral care of students and staff, policies and practices.

Play-based learning

Living Faith Lutheran Kindy sand volcano

At Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten, they embrace a wide range of perspectives and understandings. The centre is strongly focused on a play-based learning environment where children are co-creators of their learning journeys. Staff support their developing of questions, help them seek solutions and encourage them to experiment and problem solve. They encourage children develop a cooperative culture that supports taking risks and expressing ideas.

A Flexible kindergarten program

Living Faith Lutheran Kindy windmills

The program is derived from observations and interests of each child and are open and flexible as children explore their world, and grow more and more capable and confident in their own abilities. The design and presentation of the program endeavors to develop the child’s independence and physical growth. Social skills, intellectual skills, the ability to focus and concentrate and the emotional developmental needs of every child are emphasized throughout the programming and planning process.

Natural outdoor playspace

Living Faith Lutheran Kindy sandpit

The children at Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten enjoy a large variety of open ended resources in both indoor and outdoor environments. The large natural grassed playground offers endless opportunities for learning experiences. The centre encourages taking care of our environment and sustainability and the children enjoy taking care of the gardens, recycling and being energy efficient.

For more information, please contact Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten on (07) 3886 5717, or email [email protected].

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