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Messy Mealtime Smock

Whether you are introducing solids or have a toddler mastering his cutlery skills, mealtime can be messy, very messy. While traditional style bibs are great at protecting the front of clothing, they do leave sleeves, laps and sides exposed, leading to multiple outfit changes a day and a laundry full of soaking buckets. That’s where the Little Chomps Messy Mealtime Smock comes in to save the day and your washing load. The fun coloured smock has long sleeves and enough length to cover knees and sides, ensuring your cutie keeps their latest onesie clean, dry and stain free. Not to be limited to mealtime, the smock is also ideal for arts and crafts or messy play.

What is a Messy Mealtime Smock?

Messy Mealtime Smocks are made from polyurethane coated polyester, making them soft, breathable, waterproof, and biodegradable, as well as BPA and PVC-free. The ease of getting the smock on and off makes it a big winner, particularly when your little one just cant wait. Super easy to clean, the smock can be wiped down and stored for later, or put in the washing machine. Available in three bright colours – raspberry red, lollipop pink or bubblegum blue – the size fits infants aged 6 months to 2 years, and comes in a handy zip lock bag, making it easy to travel with.

Messy Mealtime Smock

Messy Mealtime Smock – Our Verdict

I was fortunate enough to road test a Messy Mealtime Smock on my 1 year old and it is a winner! The smock is the first bib that my little one hasn’t spent the majority of the meal trying to pull off, in fact, he now puts his arms out eager to wear it. It’s also been getting a lot of use when finger painting, digging in the garden and during water play – the kid loves water and mud! I love the colour (raspberry red) and how easy it is to clean, I just wish I had discovered the smock sooner as it would have saved quite a few outfits.

Messy Mealtime Smock

About Little Chomps

Little Chomps is the brainchild of Bree Mackay, a Melbourne Mum of two who quickly grew tired of the growing washing pile and the endless task of trying to remove stains from clothes. After much searching, and unable to find the right product, Bree decided to develop her own affordable smock that is waterproof and easy to clean.

Little Chomps Messy Mealtime Smocks can be purchased online at for $24.94.

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