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Many kids struggle with literacy or find themselves at a level that is higher or lower than their class at school. Helping them to focus, develop and be challenged can be difficult, but now there is a collection of iPad apps that are not only engaging for kids but also an amazing cohesive, developmental and educational resource.

What is LessonBuzz?

Literacy Program

LessonBuzz is a high-quality, high-impact program for teaching English literacy to children aged from four to thirteen, through reading, listening, phonics, language building, effective writing and tactual activities. Specifically designed for the iPad, it is an engaging and interactive program that once downloaded does not require Internet connection so it can be used at home, at school or out and about.

Unlike single focus apps, LessonBuzz is a multi-dimensional program with an unrivalled depth of material. There is LessonBuzz Kindy aimed at children from four years old, and LessonBuzz Literacy 1–6 aimed at kids from five to thirteen. Each program has a separate app for the four modules of Language, Comprehension, Writing and Spelling, and each app contains thirty lessons and up to twenty activities or tasks for each lesson. This means kids can work at the most appropriate level for their ability in each separate area (you can click here to see how to assess your child’s actual work level), allowing them to function with success, thus building on their current strengths and helping them to develop.

LessonBuzz also tracks performance and incorporates voice instructions for the younger levels and engaging, amusing and informative texts together with custom illustrations and audio and sound effects to prompt answers as well as to recognise success.

How does LessonBuzz work?

Literacy Program

LessonBuzz has fun lessons that are clearly explained, targeted and easily practised so that children can strengthen, apply and extend their skills. LessonBuzz works by building:

  • Knowledge through the Comprehension modules which feature original stories, poems, myths, tales, classics and non-fiction texts about science, history, geography and general knowledge.
  • Creative and informative writing through the Writing modules which help to develop writing skills, punctuation and dictionary skills.
  • Literacy skills through the Language and Spelling modules that improve grammar, strong sentences, vocabulary and the overall standard of English.
  • Understanding of an array of interesting topics, from famous people and landmarks to the natural world and important global events and breakthroughs.

For full details of what is covered in each module, you can visit here for Kindy and here for Literacy 1–6.

Benefits for Children

Literacy Program

There are many benefits of LessonBuzz for children, including:

  • Allowing them to achieve
  • Helping them to develop
  • Making learning enjoyable
  • Extending their general knowledge
  • Building their speed, accuracy and independence
  • Improving their reading and writing ability and literacy skills
  • Giving them confidence in literacy
  • Improving their oral and written expression
  • Allowing them to work at their own pace

Benefits for Parents

Literacy Program

There are also many benefits for parents, such as:

  • Being able to see your child’s progression as the apps track their progress
  • Knowing the content is professional, engaging, friendly and age-appropriate
  • Having child-parent control over levels chosen and worked
  • Allowing children to work independently in a way that keeps them motivated
  • Allowing children to work at the level that is best suited to their individual ability
  • Using time optimally and efficiently so that children can progress quickly
  • Knowing the apps are easy to use, self-correcting, educational and developmental

Both LessonBuzz Kindy and LessonBuzz Literacy 1–6 are available to download from the iTunes store now.

To find out more about how to improve your child’s literacy in an engaging and amusing way that kids are sure to enjoy, you can visit

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