What To Do With Left Over Easter Eggs

lefy over easter eggs

Easter is over or maybe it’s only just begun and you are well aware of the sad but delicious excess of chocolate Easter Eggs that your family has. We explore some of the things you can do with your left over Easter Eggs including some amazing recipes with Easter Eggs to make the most of the stash you have left over.

1. Enjoy a hot fudge Sundae made with Easter Eggs.

I know. Every chocoholic just hugged me. I love you too. This one was found via the stylish blog http://shan-made.blogspot.com.au/

hod fudge easter egg sundae

2. Hoard your Easter Eggs for the next 12 months and eat them slowly

Considering one tiny easter egg takes about a 30 minute jog to burn off, you could eat one a week for 52 weeks and justify a plan to jog once a week with no problem at all. The lindt bunnies take WAY longer- so consume with caution.

3. Re-gift on the day.

Ok- this is sneaky and requires guts. You will need to be pretty confident that you have enough eggs to justify your re-gifting so quickly. The bonus is, unlike Christmas most eggs look the same so you are unlikely to get caught out EVEN if the person who gave you the egg sees their own gift regiven at a later event. I mean lets be honest- there are thousands of lookalike Humpty’s out there.

4. Make an Easter Egg filled Chocolate Pudding!

Ok… what we really mean is soft centred melt in your mouth pudding! We found this one at www.taste.com.au

chocolate easter egg pudding

5. Easter Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes

OMGoodness when my husband heard I was making these he was excited and your family will be too- DECADENCE. Maybe save for the week following Easter to assure maximum enjoyment. I found them on the awesome blog mummysmiles.com.

cadbury creme egg cupcakes

6. Save them up for next year

Ok. Thats just gross and trust me, they won’t taste the same.

7. Reflect on how to do things differently next year?

This post is not intended to be a downer but we could all do with a reality check if we find ourselves laden with buckets full of anything that isn’t fried chicken then it’s possible an intervention is needed. If you find yourself with an unnatural amount of left over Easter eggs then decide if YOU of someone else is the culprit and find a way to address the problem for next year. Perhaps a charitable donation for chickens for a poor family overseas could be a nice gift from your family to another in true Easter Spirit.

8. Make to die for chocolate Easter Egg Brownies

I haven’t made these, mainly because we ran out of eggs back at number 5 but I think you will agree that the photo says it all. We found this little gem at thepaddingtonfoodie.com

easter egg brownies

9. Deliver them to a local old folks home or kids hospital

We favour option 1 based on the probability that many kids in hospital probably aren’t being encouraged to eat chocolate and those that are have hopefully been gifted by their families sufficient amounts taking into account their current condition. We like the idea of delivering to an old folks home and letting the reception ‘divvy’ them out to residents who may not have family. Sadly both these options may be blocked by well meaning staff who might be following well meaning rules- worth a shot though 🙂

10. Be the ultimate giving neighbour but BEWARE

Delivering Easter Eggs post Easter to your neighbours is a great way to meet and greet and connect over chocolate. However…. let the warning be said, if you come to my house one week after Easter with a basket of chocolate I may OR may not answer the door. Sometimes a chocolate issue is best left behind closed doors at 4pm, in a closet, wrapped in a doona, thinking about your day, with a smile and some Easter Eggs, nom nom nom (aka no one needs to know).

Happy Easter!



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