Kooki U Makeup for Kids

Kooki U makeup for kids, performance makeup for kids, play makeup for kids

Gentle cosmetics for performance and play

Designed in Brisbane, and manufactured here in Australia, Kooki U is the cosmetics brand designed especially for parents wanting a more natural and gentle solution for stage makeup and play makeup for their children.

What is Kooki U?

Kooki U is a full range of cosmetics that has been specifically designed to be used on children’s sensitive skin. Every product in the Kooki U range has not only been formulated, manufactured and packed in Australia with incredibly high quality control standards, but they have also not been tested on animals. Suitable for all young skin types, the Kooki U range comprises mineral makeup such as foundation, lipsticks and glosses, blushes, eye shadows and more. The full range also includes nail polishes that are free from Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate and Camphor, as well as a collection of bath and body products. The products within the Kooki U range include less fillers and additive ingredients, meaning a more pure product that won’t harm children’s skin.

Kooki U makeup for kids, performance makeup for kids, play makeup for kids

Why was Kooki U created?

The founder of Kooki U, Kelly Ferguson, has two Brisbane Kids of her own. When her daughters started getting more involved in dance recitals and performances as they got older, Kelly found that she wasn’t happy with the options available on the market. For one, the ingredients of many cosmetics are questionable at best—who wants to have their children’s sensitive skin covered in unknown chemicals, or worse, have their children ingesting even small amounts of lip products that could be doing them harm? On top of this, why share her expensive makeup for the kids to play with and inevitably destroy? From this dilemma, Kooki U was created.

Play makeup for kids

Kooki U has been formulated for kids to have fun with at home. Special consideration has been given to the durability of the product, as we all know that children don’t always look after things the way they should. The Kooki U lipsticks are cream based, which means they are less likely to break when dropped. The eyeshadows and blushes are clay based, so not only will they not break easily, but they are simpler and smoother to apply.

Kooki U makeup for kids, performance makeup for kids, play makeup for kids

Sensitive skin stage makeup for children

The Kooki U Dance range of products feature highly pigmented colours in eye shadows and dance lipsticks. This ensures they hold up well under performance conditions and, whilst not advertised as ‘long lasting’, they last the distance effectively on the stage.

Kooki U makeup for kids, performance makeup for kids, play makeup for kids

Kooki U review

The Kooki U parcel arrived to squeals of delight from my two daughters. We received some samples of Dancing Beeswax Mineral Lipstick and Shimmery Lip Gloss to try out, and my girls couldn’t wait to put them on! I must admit, I’ve been reluctant to allow my children to wear makeup outside of the house (except for dance and performance events), however the colour and shine in the Shimmery Lip Gloss is so subtle that I might change my mind. The gloss is rich and shiny, and feels great on your lips without being too sticky. The colour is perfect for younger age groups, and especially great for kids to apply themselves with the angled tip. The lighter colour also means no comical clown mouth!

The Dancing Beeswax Mineral Lipstick we received was a rich bright red, that will be perfect for dance recitals. It had a matte finish that lasted for ages, and great coverage without having to apply too much product. Pairing with the Kooki U Lip Liner as the first step would definitely make applying the Mineral Lipstick neater, particularly for the brighter and darker colours. The durability and creaminess of the lipstick made it easy for even my 8 year old to apply (though she may need some help with keeping it just on her lips!).

Whilst each of the Kooki U lip products we tried would have quite different applications within our household, they will both be loved. Knowing that the products are mineral based and contain no nasties, I’m willing to let the reigns loosen a little and allow the kids to experiment a little (particularly with the gloss). When it comes time for the next dance performance, I’m confident that the lipstick will show up well on stage and be easy enough for my youngest to reapply when needed. I also adore the fact that my own limited collection of makeup no longer has to be shared!

The full Kooki U range of makeup, nail polishes and bath and body products is available online at https://kookiu.com.au/. On the Kooki U Facebook page you can keep up to date with the range and see Kooki U products being put to work on stage and beyond.

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