Kookaburra Kids Helps Families With Mental Illness

Group of Kookaburra Kids

Australian Kookaburra Kids offer help and support to kids in Brisbane who are living in families affected by mental illness. 

The free program provides recreational, educational camps and activities, providing early intervention, mental health education in a fun, positive safe environment.

In Australia, it is estimated that over a million children live in a household where at least one parent has a mental illness*

Growing up impacted by family mental illness

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Growing up can be tough, but for children who have a parent with a mental illness, growing up can be full of challenges and disruptions.  Many children become a young carer, taking on the adult responsibilities associated with managing a household. This can include cooking, cleaning and caring for their parent and siblings, often resulting in them experiencing troubles at school, isolation from peers, feelings of guilt and many believe that somehow their parent’s illness is their fault.

Support for kids when they need it most

kookaburra kids building resilence

The Kookaburra Kids program supports these children to understand and manage the complex needs and issues they experience, focussing on building resilience and coping skills.

Who Kookaburra Kids Help

kookaburra kids abseilling

Children aged 8-18yrs who have a family member with a mental illness.

All Kookaburra Kids programs are FREE for all eligible children to attend

Kookaburra Kids Programs

kids happy after kookaburra kids camp

  • Free weekend camps
  • Mental health education
  • Activity days and school holiday activities 

Kookaburra Kids Camps

kookaburra kids camp

Kookaburra Kids camps provide children with an essential break from the challenges and responsibilities they face at home, as well as the chance to participate in a range of fun, confidence-building activities, such as canoeing, archery, giant swings, go-karts and much more.

Camps also provide the children with an opportunity to form new friendships with kids who are going through similar situations.

Building Resilience through mental health education

An important component of each Kookaburra Kids camp is Chat Group. Chat Group takes place each day, facilitated by a team of fully-trained volunteer leaders, and supported by a qualified clinical consultant. Chat Group provides the children with an opportunity to learn about mental illness and how it affects the person who is ill in their family.

Kookaburra Kids activity days

Kookaburra Kids activity days are simply a day out to have some fun. They provide a chance for the kids in the program to catch up between camps and have some regular respite. They can include trips to the movies, bowling, picnics, surf days, putt putt golf, trampolining and the zoo.

Making a referral to Kookaburra Kids

Any child aged 8- 18yrs of age who has a family member with a mental illness can be referred to our program.

Children can be referred by their parent / carer, school counsellors, teachers, health workers GP’s family members and community workers.

Referrals can be made online at kookaburrakids.org.au or you can download the Kookaburra Kids Referral form from our website.

Completed referral forms can be emailed to [email protected] or posted to your local Kookaburra Kids office.

  • QLD: PO BOX 5067, Brendale QLD 4500

How you can help

There are many ways you can help support Kookaburra Kids.

  • Volunteering
  • Fundraising
  • Corporate partnerships
  • Donations

Go to www.kookaburrakids/org.au for more info or call on 1300 566 525



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