Koala themed dessert

Caramello koala in a 'pond' of blue jelly with an Australian flag

The best part about our koala themed dessert is that you can even make these up to a few days ahead of time and keep them in the fridge! Caramel-filled chocolate koalas, berry jelly and a cute Aussie touch — what more could you ask for the perfect Australian themed dessert. 

Koala dessert ingredients

packets of jelly, Caramello Koalas and Australian flags

To make this koala themed dessert, you will need:

  • Caramello Koalas or other koala chocolates or biscuits
  • 1 or 2 packets of blue jelly (1 packet does about 4 normal-sized cups or 8 small)
  • Small see-through cups/pots
  • Mini Australian flags (optional — you could make these from cocktail sticks and print-out flag pictures, or just order on ebay!)

How to Make

Step 1

Boil the kettle and make the jelly according to the packet instructions. We chose a berry jelly, which gave the perfect blue colour. We even noticed a glitter jelly option available in the supermarket!

Jug with blue jelly in next to kettle

Step 2

Pour the jelly evenly into your cups. Then leave to set in the fridge. This will usually take several hours to set to firm, so make sure you allow plenty of time. You could even do this up to a few days in advance and leave in the fridge.

Jug pouring blue jelly into plastic cups

Step 3

Gently push a koala into each jelly pool so it looks like it’s floating in nice, cool water.

Caramello koala in a 'pond' of blue jelly

Step 4

Add a flag for extra Aussie flair! If you don’t have any flags, you could print or draw some on paper, cut them out and stick them to cocktail sticks. Or decorate the cups with green and gold ribbons or whatever you prefer!

Caramello koala in a 'pond' of blue jelly with an Australian flag

Step 5

Store in the fridge until you’re ready to share these fun treats with family and friends. The kids will be queuing up to try one!

Caramello koala in a 'pond' of blue jelly with an Australian flag

Alternative twists on our koala themed dessert

How about making frogs in ponds, with Freddo Frogs and green jelly instead? If you were looking for an eco theme you could also put the frogs into small glassware and if you wanted to theme around the environment you could even taint the green pond with some brown cola flavour and sprinkle in some chocolate flakes for pollution (okay, maybe it’s taking the eco/sustainability theme a little too far).

If you love koalas and your kids love koalas you check out our facts about koalas and our koala colouring sheets or take a visit to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and see them in person! 

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