The Kite Wishes Project

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The Kite Wishes Project

1 December 2017 – 29 April 2018 / Kisaragi-Sai Festival 24 February


Create a kite, add your wish and send it flying. 

Mao’s Last Dancer Li Cunxin has a life-long love of kites, creating and flying them as a child in rare and precious moments with his father. Kites became a metaphor for Li’s life, as his career soared beyond the impoverished commune of his childhood to the ballet stages of the world.  

Become part of Li’s story by creating your own kite, adding a wish and flying it with friends and family from across Brisbane as part of the Kite Wishes Project. Visit Museum of Brisbane during Mao’s Last Dancer the exhibition and design your own kite or be inspired by the koinobori fish template created by Brisbane artist Elysha Rei. Return on 24 February and send your wishes flying high as part of a kite procession from King George Square to BrisAsia’s Kisaragi-Sai Festival at the Roma Street Parklands. 

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The Kite Wishes Project is a collaboration between Museum of Brisbane and BrisAsia Festival.

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