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Kingston Kids Early Learning Centre caters for children aged from 15 months to 5 years. The centre has four rooms, including a Kindergarten room run by a qualified, Bachelor trained school teacher. The programs at Kids ELC at Kingston are run all year round from 6am-6pm Monday to Friday, 52 weeks a year, closing only for public holidays.

Kingston Kids provides specialised leaders to continue a high standard of care throughout their practices. This includes a child safety officer, educational leader, WHS officer, sustainability leader, food safety officer, and cultural leaders. All leaders have participated in the appropriate training to ensure that they deliver a high standard of expertise throughout the centre practices, overseeing all other educators.

Kingston Kids kindergarten program

Kingston Kids Kindergarten programme delivers a fun-based curriculum that follows the Kindergarten Guidelines, providing each child with the tools required to succeed at school.

Your child’s day

Each child is provided with a “Learning Journal” as they start at Kids ELC, and this stays with them until they leave the centre. Included in this journal you will find varied observations of your child’s day, both in group and individual situations. Pieces of their artwork and learning stories are also included and are continually added to throughout their journey at Kingston Kids, and are displayed in each room at the children’s level so they can visit them any time to share with you and each other.

Included in the daily fees, Kids ELC provide morning tea and afternoon tea, late afternoon tea, nappies, wipes, sheets and sunscreen for every child (where relevant). The option of a hot meal is available for lunch at a very small cost and a free soccer programme takes place every Monday.

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The Kingston Kids environment

Kingston Kids ELC are very high advocates of sustainability throughout the centre. They have a worm farm, compost farm and vegetable garden, where the children help to plant all their own veggies and herbs and also pick them, cook and eat them. Parents also get the chance to take these harvests home.

The Kingston Kids ELC centre has wonderful natural play areas for the children to explore and even includes its own water park and bike tracks, sandpit mud pit and kitchen. Extracurricular sporting options available include tennis, cricket, basketball, soccer, putt putt golf.

Kingston Kids is designed to provide high quality care and education to the children and families attending their service. They are flexible in catering for the varying needs of our children, parents and staff, whilst providing support and consistency for families. Kids ELC prides themselves in their high standards and long-standing team of staff, some of who have been at the centre for up to twenty years.

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Play based learning

Kingston Kids ELC is inspired by The Reggio Emilia philosophy. The staff and management believe that the early childhood years are the most important in a child’s development and that children learn through experiences and interactions that occur during that time.

Kingston Kids ELC provides a special place for children away from home that fosters a sense of belonging and security, where children are cared for in a safe, healthy and comfortable environment that meets their needs and those of their families. Educators aim to provide beautiful learning environments with open ended resources that create endless learning possibilities.

Early Years curriculum

The curriculum is connected to each child’s everyday lives and interests. The staff at Kids ELC believe that the children learn best through play based activities. In conjunction with the Early Years Learning Framework, the program encourages children to become involved by providing interest based activities, which enables them to develop their capabilities and at the same time build on needs and challenge their strengths. Through this curriculum children develop self-confidence, independence and socialisation.

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Local community

Kingston Kids ELC recognise and respect the people, culture and languages that existing within the centre. They believe their unique perspectives should be embedded into the practice of educators so the language and culture is accessible to all children. Kingston Kids create respectful, supportive and professional relationships amongst staff and families which are upheld through open, friendly communication. Families are viewed as partners, collaborators and advocates for their children. Families are encouraged to be involved in every aspect of the curriculum, encouraging a connection to each child’s life

At Kingston Kids ELC community involvement is very important. They believe that it provides the children with the opportunity to work within a local context. All children should be exposed to as much information about their community as possible, making it important to incorporate “the community” into the children’s everyday lives.

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Dedicated child care professionals

As a dedicated team of professional educators Kingston Kids ELC strives to provide a commitment to continuous improvement in their every day practices, and they strongly believe that if a child is having fun and feels secure in their environment the ability to learn is endless.

Kingston Kids ELC is located at 6 Juers Street, Kingston.

To find out more about Kingston Kids ELC, including other Kids Early Learning Centres in Brisbane, please visit

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