Kidspace Playground in Chermside

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Kidspace Playground at Chermside is exactly what it promises to be; a mammoth fort creation likely to bring about a gasp of excitement from any Brisbane Kid.

Kidspace Playground – The Fun

Kidspace Playground commands an incredible presence within a tree-filled park located next to Chermside Shopping Centre. Back in 1996 the Aspley Lion’s Club rallied the local community and together they spent long 10 days building a magnificent play space for all to enjoy. It is the epitome of true community spirit and a generous gift to the families of Brisbane.

A testament to their design, creativity and hard work; Kidspace is always a hive of activity. A word of caution, be prepared to spend a significant amount of time here, there’s so much to do.

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A playground for all ages

The beautiful timber structure of Kidspace triggers a sense of imagination, with a maze of tunnels, ramps and stairs. It is one of those rare playgrounds that is truly suitable for the whole family.

Toddlers can climb, and move about independently throughout the fort, exploring each nook and cranny, crawling through tunnels or climbing up the stairs. Older kids can challenge themselves on the climbing ropes, balance beams, cargo nets or monkey bars. The layout also lends itself to a great game of hide and seek, create an obstacle course or a simple game of tag. Swings complement the fort, along with some more recently installed equipment, a seesaw and musical instruments.

kidspace playground, chermside park, huge fort

Bike track with road signs

While the timber fort has a commanding presence, equally impressive is the bike track with realistic road signs and markings. The bike track comes complete with STOP signs, a round a bout, and probably the most popular, the speed bumps. It’s suitable for bikes and scooters. Adjacent to the track is an older playground with slides, swings, cargo netting and rockers.

bike tracks for scooters

Sports and activities

Also on site is a double sided bounce wall, and half-court basketball court, a cricket pitch and vast greenspace for ball games and kite flying. The Mountains to Mangroves pathway runs alongside the park if you’re keen for a longer bike ride. You may be lucky enough to catch the Brisbane City Council mobile library, or free children’s activities. Check the Brisbane City Council website for more details.

mobile library

Imagination Factor

Stealing the show, the fort lends itself to games of princesses in towers, musicians creating a masterpiece, adventurers exploring the jungle or ninjas completing an obstacle course. On the bike track kids can pretend to be driving through the city in their cars or trucks.


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Kidspace is a really big playground and for those with multiples or those with kids who like to run off, parents will need to be vigilant. The area is unfenced and expansive. It is some distance from the road but it is still surrounded by parklands and due to the size of the fort, the visibility can be lacking. It can be a challenge to keep tabs on multiple children as they run in and around the huge fort.

swings, play area, kidspace

Kidspace Playground features

  • Kidspace is often referred to as 7th Brigade Park, but to the locals, the playground is known as Kidspace
  • The toilets are equipped with disabled facilities
  • There is a basketball half court
  • Tennis court with rebound wall.
  • Parking at both ends open from 6 am to 9 pm
  • There is limited seating but lots of shades so bring a picnic blanket.
  • Dogs are allowed in the park on leash
  • Bike paths abound
  • Electric BBQ’s
  • The play area is shaded
  • Unfenced playground
  • Bark base
  • Free council wifi

Nearby you will find Hidden World Playground which is a sand based and sunnier playground, perfect for those winter months when Kidspace can get quite cool and damp.

How to get here

Kidspace is located at Cnr Murphy Rd & Newman Rd Chermside Queensland 4032. 

Photos of Kidspace Playground


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