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This is a resource for parents who are looking for ideas around kids giving back in terms of time, or by gifts or charitable donations of just kids volunteering ideas. Brisbane is definitely a wonderful city of the world to live in but there are still many people who struggle to live on a day to day basis.

One of the greatest gifts you can give your own child is an understanding and appreciation of how fortunate they may be in having these basic necessities.   And even if you aren’t rich in material things, how easy it is to share joy and good cheer with those around you.  This is something you might like to do to offset the feeling of a commercial Christmas or simply an idea you add to your family vision board. Whatever the case, we have tried to provide ideas for you based both around Christmas but also ideas you could explore any time of the year.

how many kids are homeless in australia

Brisbane Basket Brigade

The Basket Brigade is the annual campaign to provide food and gifts for people that need a hand – children, the elderly, hungry & homeless – during the Christmas season each year.  Your family can help by registering to become a Basket Buddy.  Basket Buddies is a community of volunteers across the Brisbane area who are willing to add an extra (nominated) item or two to their shopping basket each week leading up to Christmas.

By the beginning the of December, we’ll have full baskets to give to Brisbane families in need. These items are things that won’t break the bank, like tinned vegetables, pasta and some small treats. On average, the items cost less than $4 per week and make a world of difference.

Once you have signed up you are sent a grocery list of items, one for each week in the lead up to Christmas.  Your kids can be assigned this and can help you check off the items. They can then help package and delivery the baskets too if desired. Find out more

BCC Library Amnesty

Do you, or any of your family members have outstanding library fees? Did you know that every year, between December 1stand December 31styou can have any existing overdue fines, processing fees and/or hold fees waived in exchange for a can of food?  And even if you don’t have any fines (and are better than me) then you can still donate any cans of non-perishable food to your local BCC library in December.

This year, Council’s library amnesty will donate all food to Foodbank Queensland, an organisation that distributes food to charities and community organisations who assist those in need. Find out more

Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal

The Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal is Australia’s largest and longest running Christmas gift Appeal.  With your gifts in tow, visit your local Kmart store and take a tag from the Wishing Tree. Using one end of the tag, indicate the age group and gender of who you think might like to receive your gift then place it under the Wishing Tree. Don’t forget to take the other half of the tag home to hang on your tree!

Alternatively, you can leave your gift at the express drop off point located at the front of the store. A Salvation Army representative will then collect the gifts from Kmart stores and oversee their distribution to those in need.

Gifts do not need to be purchased at Kmart, nor do they need to be wrapped. Find out more

kmart wishing tree

Salvation Army 10,000 Meals

Salvation Army 10,000 Meals – A $10 donation will provide a meal for someone in need this Christmas, or get in touch to find out where you can help out this year. Find out more

Christmas Appeals

Charitable Ideas

Some of these are Christmas ideas and some of these apply all year round.

Teaching our kids the gift of giving doesn’t just have to be in monetary or material goods. Sometimes, just doing something generous for someone else can bring a whole lot of happiness to those around them.  One idea I love it adding a small note along with their treat in each advent calendar pocket.  Things like, “make someone smile today”, “give someone a compliment”, “help someone with something” are a nice way for them to feel good about themselves while doing the same for others too.  Other things may be “go through your clothes / toys and put together a pile of any you may not need anymore or that may not fit for donation”.

  • Help a sibling with their chores
  • Pack a Christmas shoebox for Operation Shoebox
  • Make a “grateful jar” for each family member and whenever you think of something you’re grateful for about that family member, write it down and place it in their jar
  • Go on a trash walk and help clean up your neighbourhood
  • Make pretty bookmarks to leave in library books – be sure to write a note to tell that the bookmark is intended to be used and shared!
  • Donate books to a library or a doctor’s office
  • Bake cookies and treats for local emergency services

Do you have any other ideas for giving back or volunteering at Christmas? We would love to hear about them, just make a comment below and we will add it to this resource.




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